by Roelf Nel

The Tuscan style of décor dates back to the ancient Roman civilization. Back then, design elements were natural, rustic, and connected to everyday activities like farming, eating, and being around family.

Tuscan homes, usually called villas, inspire thoughts of the mountains of Italy, vineyards, and olive trees. Natural stone materials compose the walls, and metallic elements make up accessories. Rustic woods are showcased in the furniture and water is generally featured in an outdoor pond or fountain.

As you may have noticed, Tuscan style rooms and homes incorporate many different elements of nature, including stone, metal, wood, and water. Air is also incorporated in Tuscan villas with patina work on walls and surfaces, which is reminiscent of clouds and sky.

Marble and travertine, two other natural elements, are generally used as flooring and or counter material. The Tuscan style is very special as it is a countryside style that is characterized by more solid materials. While wood, wicker, rattan, and other flexible materials are usually a clear representation of the countryside, with this style of décor the effect is the same, but with different resources.

Colours in the Tuscan style of décor incorporate earthy tones such as terracotta, browns, golds, grays, and beiges. The Tuscan style is also characterized by a specific type of glass tile work, a typical kind of artisanship that commenced in Europe centuries ago. This tile work can be included in floors, walls, counter tops, and backsplashes to add a touch of color and personality.

Tuscan style homes also feature many architectural devices, like columns, pillars, molding, and framework.

The Tuscan style is best when applied to a home as a whole. If it’s broken up into a single room it can easily clash with other simpler types of décor. But if you wish to add this style to just a portion of your home, your best bet is to add this beautiful look to your kitchen.

If the Tuscan design style suits your décor tastes, explore our Pinterest Board for some more great ideas.

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Tuscan Décor Design Style