By Roelf Nel

Room designs for teenage boys

The teen boy’s bedroom serves multiple purposes. It is his refuge when he needs some space alone, his office, and social area. The décor for his room not only reflects his personality and style but also needs to be flexible and multifunctional.

Tips for creating a teen haven:

  • Be creative and come up with space-saving storage solutions.
  • Take into account his favourite elements and hobbies and design a room with his involvement.
  • Have a chalkboard that covers one wall. If he likes graffiti or doodling, or just needs space to remember formulas, he will love the wall.
  • Alternatively, graffiti against a minimalistic white room looks brilliant in a teen’s room.
  • Colours to look at can be black, blue or brown but try some fresh colours as well.
  • Earthy hues such as pale grey and charcoal combined with striped bedding creates a mature, yet timeless feel.
  • Some distinctive teenage boy elements to include can be a punching bag, miniature planes, or a gaming device.
  • Consider a themed room, if he loves surfing, then surfboards on the wall with a wave on the adjacent wall. Visit our Pinterest board for this idea.

Spend some time with your son and design a room that you both agree with. A perfect space for hanging with his friends, or just goofing around.

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