By Roelf Nel

Designing with Recessed Lighting

Well placed recessed lighting can enhance a room’s best features or help keep one focused on the task at hand. They are meant to go unnoticed, blending in with your ceiling and drawing attention to the room, rather than the lighting design. The main purpose of your recessed lighting is functional.

Here are some tips on how to use recessed lighting to your advantage:

  • Avoid the runway look with lights running down the centre of the room. Create a warm, welcoming space with evenly spaced light fixtures. Start with at least two feet off the walls along the ceiling.  Use this handy formula to calculate how much light your room will need: multiply the length of the room by the width to find the total area.  Multiply the area by 1.5. This is the total wattage you’ll need to light the room.  To get how many fittings you will need, divide the wattage by the average number of watts per bulb. Your certified electrician can help you figure this out.
  • When installing recessed lighting in your kitchen, use a mix of wide-angle Downlights for ambient lighting and narrow-beam Downlights for task lighting over the stove, sink and counters.
  • Recessed lighting is fantastic when creating a focal point. Your art piece can be illuminated with gimbal lights. Gimbal fixtures rotate, revolve and swivel, so you can focus the light exactly where you want it.  Highlight your focal points such as pictures, fireplace mantles or plants using recessed accent lighting.
  • When lighting your bathroom, recessed lights are effective when illuminating the vanity area. Carefully placed Downlights fitted close to the mirror with the light overlapping offers the best results.  Most important is to ensure your light fixtures and bulbs are rated to accommodate the damp.
  • You do not want light dimming features to be controlled by one switch. Recessed lighting offers the flexibility of having zones. Each zone can be controlled independently from each other and lights can be controlled by zones.  This creates a warm welcoming mood to the room. When entertaining the general lights are dimmed while the accent lighting is brighter drawing attention to the features in the room.

Create a warm inviting home, highlighting your interests and artwork using recessed lights. Visit our Pinterest Board and discover more recessed light designs to inspire you.