By Roelf Nel

Create extra space with a Patio

You are in an optimal position for adding a patio to your home if you have a house where your kitchen or living area is facing the back of the house and you have sliding doors to the backyard. Adding on a patio will enhance the spaciousness of your home.

Your patio does not have to be elaborate or state-of-the-art if your main concern is simply to add additional space. Extending your house with a patio gives you extra space for entertainment and outdoor cooking.

Keep your guests out of your kitchen and into the sunshine while you prepare a meal. Guests love to mingle on a patio or deck. It has a great feel under their feet and most people enjoy the outdoors on a beautiful day.

Not only will you have extra space in your kitchen with your guests out on the deck or patio, you will also have created the perfect outdoor “man cave.” Most men love to talk over the braai, and making a patio is the perfect designated area for the coveted braai.

This is great spaces to hold book club meetings in nice weather or to have some girlfriends over for a light lunch.

You can create useful storage space out on your patio that you did not have before in the way of deck storage for cushions. You can even custom build benches that have storage built inside them and store all of your summer items in those benches.

With the days warming up, and the tendency to gravitate outdoors, isn’t it time to build that patio?

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By Roelf Nel

Extend your outdoor living using a Patio Awning

For outdoor enjoyment at home, there are few things better than a patio. Originally designed as an enclosed open-air court within a home, the modern patio has evolved to become a paved section in the backyard area of a home. While this feature can be enjoyed in pleasant weather, direct sunlight or rainy days can lessen the usefulness of this extra “room” in your dwelling.

Adding an overhanging awning to your patio can have many pleasant effects. In bright daylight, a patio awning will provide a cooling shade to enjoy the day in. During rainy weather, it will protect you and your patio furniture from the water and allow greater usage.

Because an awning does not have vertical pole supports to brace the frame from the ground, most patio awning materials are of a strong but lightweight construction.

There are several styles of patio awnings you can obtain to cover your outdoor living room. A permanent covering can be attached to the framework of your patio awning if you desire. Several types of retractable awnings are available to give one the choice of shade or sunshine while the patio is in use.

There are two basic designs for retractable awnings. A motorized version can give you the option of having the awning shade rolled up via pulleys within the lateral arms and this removed from view but still have the side braces extended. Other motorized retractable awnings will simply raise the awning screen up to lay flat against the building wall.

One of the best advantages to the manual crank retractable awning is that the amount of retraction can be modified easily and different effects can be obtained. Since manual crank retractable awnings are generally designed to roll up into a protective tube, they have a greater effective life-span than motorized fold away awnings.

Whether you install a hand cranked patio awning or one that is motorized, the awning can be either folded back against the side of the house or rolled up in a protective tube covering which will more effectively protect the material from pooled water or high winds.

While the most common material used to create a patio awning is canvas, there are several types of plastic fibre coverings that can be obtained that provide either total opacity or a translucent material which will allow a diffuse light through to soften the sunlight. While there are some patio awnings made of aluminium, they are not as versatile and are usually built onto the home as a permanent fixture.

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Create extra space with a Patio
Extend your outdoor living using a Patio Awning