By Roelf Nel

Colour my Bedroom

Your bedroom is the one place in your home where you should feel totally relaxed, and peaceful. It is the place to get a good night’s sleep to rejuvenate for the next day.  So how can colour help create a sanctuary that matches your style, personality and create a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the world?  Beautiful House asked designers to offer paint colours for the bedroom.

Here are some ideas of colours to use:

  • Colour with a bit of grey in them are more sophisticated. Depending on the time of day, it will look blue, grey or green.
  • Dark Brown green is peaceful and green, especially if you live in a hot climate. Using white or cream bedding makes a beautiful contrast with this colour.
  • Having a lavender touch with a grey tint – feels good for the early riser. Avoid using floral patterns with this colour, unless of course, granny will be sleeping in this room.
  • Camellia Pink – a soft, graceful colour that will make any woman feel beautiful and alive.
  • A green-blue-grey colour reflects a cloudless sky offering calm, relaxing and a peaceful environment.
  • Joa’s White – has hints of grey, brown, cream and white. This colour offers calm and simplicity.
  • Blue Bonnet – offers a classic feel that is light and airy and the strong white undertones keeps the fresh look.
  • Ballroom Blue – Not quite green, and not quite blue but rather like the ocean. A perfect colour to feel like you are being swept off by the waves and waking up refreshed.

Of course, these are just the colours on your walls. Designed to create a calming effect to stimulate relaxation and rest. On their own, they cannot create tranquility. A healthy lifestyle and stress management will lead to a better night’s sleep. Your bedroom is the haven created to drift away.

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