By Roelf Nel

The Man Cave

Men were built to withdraw into themselves, for reflection and zoning out. Having an actual space – “The Man Cave” – a space that allows for him to have some ‘Man-Time’ either alone or with the other men in his life. Spending regular time in their masculine energy is vital to the healthy mind of every man. So what should this “Man Cave” look like?

Tips on Planning your “Man Cave”

  1. The first question to ask is what theme do you want?
    • Will this room be used as a study, lined with volumes of books, a solid oak desk and computer, with leather winged chairs where you will disappear to study, work or research? Maybe having a reflective conversation sipping your cognac with a fellow cave dweller.
    • Maybe this is a space for gaming – having a pool table, cards table for poker night or a gym, or you really love collecting model tractors or trains.
    • Love watching sport? Then a space with a large screen, comfortable chairs and a bar stocked up with beers.
  2. Once you have decided on a theme, you can design a space that is large enough to accommodate the purpose of this room. Choosing a spare room in the house, may not necessarily be large enough to accommodate your pool table, bar, flat screen television and comfortable couch.
  3. Use LED lights to not only save energy, but to create the right atmosphere, and offers you the option to dim the lights.
  4. Sound proof the room. You don’t want your pleasure to create an upset because of rowdy sport supporters or loud music.
  5. Finally, maybe your cave should have an en-suite toilet?

So now it’s up to you, what will your man cave look like? Remember, while you are in your cave, your woman will probably be gathering at the mall or getting pampered at the spa.

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