By Roelf Nel

Lighting Landscape Design: Adding Life to Your Gardens

Your freshly landscaped garden deserves to be showcased. Even at night, you could show off your beautiful garden and enjoy your efforts of planning and designing a perfect landscape. There is no better way to bring life to your garden than adding lights. Lighting landscape design creates a stylish feel to your garden giving a touch of luxury.

Lighting landscape design has many benefits

There is no doubt that the use of proper lighting enhances the security of your surroundings particularly in the garden area. Your attention could easily be drawn to any obstacles that may seem like a possible intruder. The lights would brighten up all the hidden and dark corners in the yard so it acts as a deterrent for any unwanted visitors.

It serves as the accent to the garden. Landscape lights enhances the beauty of your garden. There are several landscape light options  you can consider using to improve the finesse and style of your garden. Adding lights into your garden is not an expensive venture. If you prefer, you can use just a few lights to feature your flowerbed or rock garden.

The Uses of Lighting Landscape Design

For decoration

A garden would be more charming with the landscape lighting. The footpaths or pathways look prettier when lined up with lights. It would also be better to have a reserve of white bulb lights so that you could replace the coloured ones whenever you want to have a change of theme.

For entertainment

If you love to give out parties every now and then, adopting a lighting landscape design would be perfect for your entertainment endeavours. A beautifully made garden is a perfect venue for hosting parties.

Kinds of Lighting for Your Landscape Design

There are two categories of lighting landscape designs that you could consider using. The one option is the use of the power supply connected to your home powering up the lights for your landscape design. It would be best to have an electrician set this up for you.

Solar Energy

The other option for you is using solar energy light fixtures. It works through the absorption of the sunlight by means of a special cell and thereby storing that into a battery. Solar energy is a very inexpensive source of energy. There is only one major drawback of it and it points out to its inefficiency when there is no more sun exposure.

Lighting landscape design is a good option to add excitement, colour, and life to your garden as well as to your home in general.

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By Roelf Nel

5 Key Elements in Your Landscape Design

What makes landscape design stand out? Is it the variety of plants and grasses that cover the whole yard? Is it the fence that seems to frame the whole garden? Or is it the fountain that sits right in the middle of every plant, grass, and evergreen? The answer is not the individual element that fills up the garden but how these individual elements are combined to make a great looking landscape design. How can one achieve this?

There are the 5 key elements that your landscape design must have in order to stand out:

Unity or Harmony

Unity or Harmony means that all the components in the design should go together as one and must express consistency and style. All the components should, therefore, fit in a theme making them work together to create a harmonious combination of colours, lines, bends, and elements. To achieve unity, repetition and mass planting can be used in the landscape design.  Thus, unity or harmony brings together everything that is used in a landscape design without spoiling the practicality and compromising the beauty.

Focal Point

A landscape design would not be complete without a focal point. A focal point gives direction to the lines and bends giving definition not only to the whole landscape design, but also to every area within the plan. There are popular landscape focal points like a big tree or a flowerbed, a pool or a pond, a fountain or artificial waterfalls. The focal point in a landscape design should direct the traffic in the garden area.


Proportion refers to the size of the parts of the landscape design in respect to one another, to the landscape design as a whole, and to the property, structures, and human elements. For example, a small waterfall will be lost at the middle of a big garden with large trees and shrubs. A large oak on the other hand may not complement a one-story house. The point is, the relationship of each part should be within the reasonable size and should not dominate the presence of the others.

Symmetry and Balance

This is another very important element that can throw off the entire plan if not used properly. There are some landscape designs that may look a bit restless and uncomfortable. This is because they lack symmetry and balance. The curves, bends and lines are tiring; the use of plants and ground overlays are inappropriate; and repetition of all the elements does not have a variety. To achieve balance, the landscape design should have a good use of line, shape, texture, form, and colour all at the same time. The repetition should vary from one area to another and the plants and ground overlays should be in tune with all the other elements of the design.


A landscape design should not be overdone just to stand out from the entire neighbourhood. Simplicity is the key.

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By Roelf Nel

What’s the Best Landscape Design Idea

A year-round interest is necessary when considering your landscape design ideas. Every landscaping architect and professional will tell you that your yard should have plants, trees, or any element that would make it alive for the whole year. Have a plan for choosing plants and trees. Select for a good structure that will survive during winter, fall foliage in autumn, and shrubs and/or flowering trees in spring and summer.

Do not forget the evergreens. Now that you have trees and plants for the whole year, focus your attention to evergreens. Evergreens provide continuity and add colour and life to your yard. They also give balance to the yard with tall trees and plants. Evergreens are also a winter interest.

Use layering. There is a common way to layer your planting beds using three rows. The first row or the front row is composed of your shortest plants, the middle row has the next tallest plants, and the third row or the back row has the plants trees. You can apply this throughout the design of your yard to provide unity.

Add foliage. Flowers are a great additional to the life of your yard. Diversity is the key to making your landscape design become appealing. Evergreens may offer flowers that offer a heap of colour and texture to your landscape design, but not all evergreens can do that. Select a diversity of flowers for all 4 seasons.

Incorporate other features to your landscape design. Although trees, plants, evergreens, shrubs, and grasses are an essential element of a landscape design, do not disregard the benefit that other elements such as fences can give. What is a painting without a good frame? Fences frame your property; they highlight and provide a design statement not only to your yard but also to your house. Well-decorated walls, gazebos, decks, and patios are also important to highlight your landscape design.

Add the element of water. A good landscape design must have a focal point. The hottest trend today is the use of water as the focal point of a landscape design. Not only it is visually appealing, but also water emits a soothing sound. Installing one is easier that you think. There are durable pumps, pre-formed plastic liners, fountains, and flexible tubing you can buy from any hardware store. You can also adapt a small fountain or pond with fishes.

Keep the maintenance low. You may have good trees, plants, evergreens, and water elements, but still not be happy with what you have in your yard. A beautiful garden needs to a low maintenance plan. Keeping your yard in its tip-top appearing is costly and time-consuming if you did not consider it before you start building your landscape design. Make sure that you plan a design that is for low-maintenance, but still, appears stunning and pleasing to the eye.

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