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French Country Kitchen Design

The French Country Kitchen design is one of many classic kitchen design themes that you could consider. It can provide your kitchen with a traditional look that has its roots in the hillsides of rural France. It is a style that can fit into both rural farmhouses and in the grandest chateau.

French country kitchen design conjures up images of the Provence and the French countryside with its pastoral settings, lavender fields and rustic French farmhouses. The French country kitchen represents country living that is uniquely French. In designing your French country kitchen you will discover that the French country look is always very rustic, old and warm.

There are many elements that go into the French country kitchen including the use of large pieces of furniture made mainly of light coloured woods and can be decorated with ornate carving.


Colour is an important place to start the design process. You can draw inspiration from some of the principle French impressionists like Monet and Renoir, Van Gogh. Colours that are used in the French country kitchen style can include sunny yellow or soft gold, bright red and rust, grass green, cobalt blue and soft ocean tones.

You can decorate in the style of the French country kitchen design by using vivid colours – poppy red, sunflower yellow, bright blue, meadow green, and sunset purple. Your walls and cabinets and large furniture can be painted in off white, ivory, light beige, and taupe. Cabinets can be painted a glossy white to brighten light-filled spaces in the kitchen or they can be left as natural wood. These colours can provide a light, airy feel so you do not want to use strong colours here. In fabrics such as curtains and seat cushions you might also add paisley, stripes and floral prints to your French Country Kitchen theme.

Natural Materials

Natural materials are an important element in walls, cabinetry, and furniture that is used in the design of French country kitchens. The materials used in creating a rustic French country kitchen look include natural stone floors, granite counter tops and tumbled marble back splashes. These natural materials can be used on walls and beamed ceilings, and can be rough stained or painted plaster, or wood painted in natural colours. Floors can be made of stone or brick and covered with wool or cotton rugs,  and wooden shutters as window coverings. Furniture and cabinets can have a rustic or even a distressed look. Countertops can be done in ceramic tile with tile back splashes.

Accent Pieces

In French country kitchen design you will find that tile, rustic urns, hand-painted European ceramics and pottery accents are used extensively. Ceramic tiles and terra cotta pottery pieces are used wherever possible. Add copper pots and a French country kitchen can encompass many old world-decorating colours.

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Kitchen False Ceiling Designs

One way to change the look of your kitchen is to change the ceiling from white and flat, to something that gives your kitchen character. Get inspired and look at suspended ceilings, false ceilings, wooden, or metal ceilings. The ideal kitchen ceiling is easy to clean and allows for simple installation of new lighting fixtures, ventilation or air conditioning systems.

  • Metal Ceilings designs are aluminium ceiling panels and tiles creating a fresh stylish kitchen. This is ideal if you want to make the room feel larger. The aluminium ceilings are fireproof, moisture-proof and mold-proof which makes them perfect for the kitchen.
  • Plasterboard and gypsum board are popular materials for the construction of false ceilings. This material is light weight, fireproof and flexible, which makes it ideal for the kitchen.
  • Wooden ceilings work well in keeping with a traditional type kitchen, or farm house effect. The wooden roof creates a warm feeling in the room

Enhance your ceiling design by adding LED lights. Have suspended light fittings by the island. Pictures are worth a thousand words, visit our Pinterest Board and unleash your creativity and design your kitchen ceiling.

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Kitchen Design Trends

The kitchen is considered the heart and soul of the house. The 2015 trend has seen the traditional kitchen transformed into a luxury, creative space.

Brass has made a comeback creating an elegant space with this shiny metal. Luxury metals including brass, copper and gold can be featured from the hood, backsplashes to taps and cabinet handles. If brass is too shiny for your liking, try copper.

Open plan kitchens has been a favourite design for a while now. The new trend is to have minimal walls cabinets to enhance the room’s sense of spaciousness. Creating an airy, bulk-free look allows you to focus on other design elements such as large windows and glass doors bringing in natural light and connecting the outdoors.

Going with the airy feel, open shelving offers a practical solution for the kitchen space. Your space is personalized, making it feel lived in and warm, yet functional at the same time.

Ceilings are moving away from being functional and adding to the rooms beauty. The trend is to draw your attention up, using lighting, bulkheads, coffer ceilings, beams and windows.

Spice up your kitchen design using bold, rich colours like crimson red, royal blue, mustard yellow. Use these bold colours with contrasting shades to get that aesthetic look.

How will you design your kitchen?

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