By Roelf Nel

Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

Kids love bath time, it is an opportunity to create adventure, using the hand shower as a communication link connecting to the distant world out there. Create a bathroom that is their special place.

Tips for designing a kid’s bathroom:

  1. To avoid squabbles, consider a double basin and a large mirror.
  2. Having a separate bath and shower is very handy when kids share a bathroom. The older kids can use the shower while the one needing supervision can use the bath.
  3. A frosted glass shower screen is practical as it offers privacy and is easy to clean. Add a playful design element and match the theme you are creating.
  4. Use neutral colours for the tiles and floors. Keeping safety in mind, make sure the tiles are non-slip and you have bathroom mats in place.
  5. To avoid water temperatures from being very hot, have taps and mixers that have temperature control settings.
  6. Look for sanitary ware with rounded edges rather than sharp edges to avoid any possible injury.
  7. Now that we have covered the safety and basics, add fun to your kid’s bathroom using colour. Have a featured wall with a fun mural like under the sea.
  8. Change the handles on your cabinets to funky space ships, starfish, or a colourful handle that matches your theme.
  9. Beach themes for bathrooms are always very popular with the kids — they are super-fun and easy to pull off. A few colourful bath accessories and a paint stencil lend a tropical feel in a kids bathroom.

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