By Roelf Nel

Garage Door Design Trends


Today, there are new ways to make a design statement with your garage door that will kick-start your home’s appeal and could even add to its market value. There is only one chance to make a first impression. Homeowners are now using garage doors in a way to set their home apart from others in the street; making it the focal point of the home’s exterior. With this in mind, they are taking this opportunity to design their own garage doors rather than purchasing a standard door.

Taller and wider garage doors have become all the rage now. Homeowners are tending to make larger openings for their garage doors when building or renovating their homes. This gives the owner a larger canvas to work with and allows more space for creativity. It also accommodates larger vehicles, allowing easy access inside and leaving the car top carried items to be left in place.

Light colours, like white and beige garage doors are fading in popularity. Homeowners are becoming bolder with their choice in garage door colours. Consider going brighter, bolder with distinct colours and patterns, to complement the exterior. It gives you an opportunity to express yourself in a way white or beige garage doors just can’t do.

Wood doors add a level of sophistication to a home and offer a timeless, classy appeal. The only issue is wood doors are extremely expensive. As an alternative, homeowners are also turning to fiberglass or steel garage doors. They can get a door that looks like wood for a fraction of the cost. In addition, fiberglass garage doors increase R-values (insulation) and that saves even more money!

Many families are becoming larger and extended families are living together. They need the extra room to accommodate everyone comfortably. For this reason, homeowners are turning their garages into extra bedrooms so everyone has a place to sleep. This means the door needs to be well insulated so the room’s temperature remains controlled. This is why insulated garage doors are trending. They prevent harsh temperatures from getting into the home and air or heat from escaping. This is especially true where the garage shares a nearby wall with a room inside the home. The improved insulation will decrease how hard the owner’s heating and cooling systems have to work to reach a set temperature. What great about this, is that the heat and air will be trapped inside, which means the owner saves money on their monthly bills.

As technology evolves, the demand for smart products does too. This is why smart garage door openers are trending. Homeowners can now open and close their garage door with the use of their tablet or phone. Smart garage door openers provide the owner with peace of mind that they didn’t leave their door open. They are able to close it from anywhere! The best smart home technology is intuitive, saves homeowners money, and contributes to a better quality of life. Look for a product that allows you to monitor and control your garage from any location. Once it’s installed and the free app downloaded, homeowners can receive alerts when the garage door opens or closes.

No matter what the major trends are now, always pick a style of door that will perfectly complement your home. A hot trend this year can be on its way out the next, but a perfect match to your home’s style will remain timeless. Remember, this is the most used door in most homes and should be given the careful respect and consideration it deserves.

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