By Roelf Nel

Slate tile flooring

Slate tile stone flooring is flexible in nature and can be used almost anywhere. People have been using it extensively in the kitchen, front hallway, bathroom and outdoor uses such as pool surrounds and patio. One of the most brilliant features of this stone is that it has got a naturally slip-resistant surface. The tile is also widely known for its durability and decorative nature.

Natural face or split-face slate tile is one of the most popular choices when it comes to slate tile flooring. The split is a region where the slate has been removed from the slate bed. Hence, you can be sure of the fact that this variety of slate tile maintains the natural and uneven texture. The texture makes this type of slate tile one of the most distinctive tile. When it comes to slate tile, you can always expect a thickness variation from tile to tile. You need to consult your local flooring professionals to get an approximate idea of slate tile thickness.

Here are some do’s and don’ts you need to keep in mind with slate tile flooring.


  1. You should be sure of the fact that the area in which you desire to install your slate tile flooring is apt for the climate, foot traffic and other important factors. A sales representative will be able to help you in this matter.
  2. You must expect colour variations when it comes to slate tile flooring and utilize them to your advantage.
  3. It is necessary to keep yourself informed of the warranty details. Try to read all the instructions or information related to the slate tile flooring purchase.
  4. Slate tile flooring sealant is very important. You can choose from several varieties available such a high-gloss sealant that provides the tile a lustrous look, a low sheen that is reflective and no sheen that provides slate a natural look.


  1. Never ever forget to allow for breakage and waste while placing your order. Remember that accidents can happen anytime.
  2. Don’t install slate tile flooring on a wet surface. The moisture trapped on the surface may make installation difficult for you.
  3. Don’t apply a sealer to a slate tile floor that has been oiled or waxed and not cured. The marks can prove to be very difficult to remove later.

When it comes to practicality and beauty, slate tile is considered to be the optimum choice. With slate, you can never slip. Visit our Pinterest Board for more inspiring ideas.


By Roelf Nel

Inspiring Floor Designs

Are you looking for an inspiring floor design for your new home, or you are wanting to replace your old floors? Painted floors offers a creative alternative to explore. Give your older wooden floors new life with a coat of paint and add zest using a stencil creating beautiful design elements.

When your home is in need of a brightness boost, painting the floors white will add the freshness you desire. The white floors add a contemporary flair transforming the room instantly. Contrast the white floors with a featured colour wall using textured paint or wallpaper.

Create a sophisticated and timeless feel by painting black and white checkerboards on the floor. If uniformity is the look you’re after, walls and floors painted in a similar tone offers this tranquil flow, while contrasting colours sparks an interest. Add style and freshness to a room with a solid colour. Pale sky blue or a cheerful spring green will transform any space. For the creative enthusiast try out an extravagant flooring technique – Decoupage. Transform your wooden floors into beautiful faux rugs with bright fun colours.

Painted floors is not for everyone, or every type of home. You may get a pang of guilt at the idea of painting your wooden floors. If you need to replace your wooden floors, this is a less expensive and creative option to consider.

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Slate tile flooring
Inspiring Floor Designs