By Roelf Nel

Stylish Interior Doors

Interior doors offer you a design opportunity to enhance the look and feel of your room.  There are so many options you can consider from creating an elegant dining area, to a sophisticated lounge or a fun room for your kids.

Add style and beauty to your room design by using a modern interior door.  Simple and creative door decorating ideas, like paint, wallpaper, ornaments or crafts decorations make interior doors look unique and attractive, bringing more color and decorative accents to room design.

Ideas for selecting interior doors

  • Using glass panels in your doors can enhance brightness into your home and have natural light flowing into the room. Glass doors not only creates more light in your home, but offers a sense of space.  Where privacy is important, the use of frosted or obscure panels offers a perfect solution.
  • When selecting doors for your main living area, consider pairing the style of the exterior doors with your interior doors to create a more harmonious flow and feel to your home.
  • When selected your interior door, consider the overall architectural and décor of your home so that the doors you select complements this style.
  • Consider opening up your living area by adding in bi-fold doors or sliding doors.
  • If you live in a contemporary home, flush doors, like a veneer finish provides a sleek, minimal finish. To create more depth, you might consider a paneled door.
  • If you are wanting to create a retreat in your home a sound proof door helps keep your sanctuary peaceful.

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By Roelf Nel

The door to your home

Open the doors to your home – a space of beauty, reflection and extension of you.  Your front door will be used at least once a day, why not make it an impressive entrance?

Create that dramatic entrance into your home using an oversized door.  More and more architects and builders have been expanding the width and height of doorways creating a more dramatic effect. These oversized doors create an impressive front door and hallway.  Using sidelights can also add to the transformation of the entry point to your home.  Oversized doors can be bought off-the shelf or custom-made to suit your preferences, creating a unique entrance to reflect your character. Choosing mismatched door hardware can really ruin the overall aesthetic of any door. When selecting your door hardware make sure that it suits the style of the door in question.

For a more classic style to your doorway you can consider using decorative stain glass inserts.  The added benefit apart from the extra light flowing into the hallway, is that the glass offers extra insulation by being double-glazed.  When privacy is an issue, obscured glass can be used without losing the benefit of the light coming through.

If you are looking for a contemporary design to create an impressive entrance, then consider the pivot door.  The pivot door is an inviting contemporary solution for replacing the traditional sliding glass doors and double entrance doors creating a modern entrance.  They require a larger opening space or are best suited to the oversized entrance hall.

Go on, make an impressive entrance.
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Stylish Interior Doors
The door to your home