By Roelf Nel

How to choose a Kitchen Worktop

Are you planning a makeover for your kitchen? You have the design configured, the finish for the cupboards selected, but you are still considering what worktops you could use. There are so many options available including stone, quartz composites, corian and glass, and some old favourites like wood and stainless steel. Here are 3 options to consider.

If you are considering a traditionally styled kitchen, then consider oak, maple and beech. Bamboo, wenge and Iroko helps create a more contemporary style. Since it is a natural material, each piece will vary in grain and tone. Wood worktops develop a patina and character with use. Wood requires more high maintenance than other materials, as it will require regular oiling (at least every three months), but the results are certainly worth it. Wood surfaces are best used for food preparation and dining areas, for example, islands and breakfast bars. Iroko and teak are ideal for using around the sink as they have a high oil content and are water resistant.

A popular choose is Granite worktops because they are both strong and durable. For the keen bakers, these cold surfaces are perfect for pastry making. Each slab of granite will be unique, as it is a natural stone, so expect different veining and colour from the samples you see. Granite tops are best used in any area of the kitchen, including next to the hob or oven and around the sink. It’s a luxury material that never falls out of fashion and suits traditional and modern styles. Choose from a classic polished finish, or a honed matt for a more contemporary look.

Consider using glass countertops if you want to create a clean, modern feel. The reflective surface makes it useful as a feature worktop in small kitchens to increase the feeling of space. Glass tops are durable and are extremely sanitary because glass is nonporous and easy to clean. It is best used around the sink or for focal-point breakfast bars.

Kitchen tops finish off the style you are creating. You want a top that is durable, attractive and easily maintained.

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