By Roelf Nel

Design Elements: Colour and Texture

Design incorporates many elements that rule and define the result of a particular style of home décor. Amongst them, colour and texture represent two important aspects of maintaining an invigorating yet soothing and comfortable environment to live in.

Colour is essential to our well-being and plays an important role in mood and emotion. Humans can perceive more than 15 million colours, finding comfort in some and energy in others.

The colour green, for example, signifies harmony, peace, and nature, while yellow is related to youth, fun, creativity, and warmth. Red indicates passion and love, and blue reminds us of the ocean, tranquillity, and security.

Selecting pleasing colours for your rooms doesn’t always mean selecting the ones you like. If you are after harmony, balance, peace, warmth, and tranquillity, a colour scheme with hues of greens, blues, whites, and tones of gold, or red is sure to do the trick. If you’re after an invigorating environment, choose colours such as orange, yellow, magenta, turquoise, and aqua to energize and brighten the atmosphere.

Texture is another critical aspect of home décor, as it gives a room complexity and detail while complementing the décor in a subtle way.

Texture is generally used to attract immediate attention to an area, especially if the colour scheme is restricted to just a few similar colours.

Fabrics are perhaps the best way to incorporate texture into a room, with options varying from linens to silk, wool, and pique, amongst many others.

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By Roelf Nel

Designing with Rose Quartz and Serenity

Pantone has chosen two colours for 2016. Rose Quartz and Serenity – these are a blushing pink with peach undertones, and a peaceful blue that borders slightly on periwinkle. After last year’s bold colour of Marsala, these pastels may have you wondering if you really want to decorate a pad for Barbie and Kent.

These soft hues create an environment of peace and tranquillity, something we all need in this fast paced life.  Here are some ideas you can embrace in adding Rose Quartz and Serenity into your home:

  1. Rose Quartz has the feminine feel for creating a beautiful nursery on the arrival of your princess. Offset this soft hue with soft grey walls and blinds and contrasting borders.  Scatter Rose Quartz accessories in your room.  For your boy, switch the Rose Quartz with Serenity Blue which is not quite the same baby blue everyone goes for. Hopefully, the serenity of the blue will help your baby sleep through the night.
  2. Rose Quartz and Serenity are soft shades creating a sense of calm and rejuvenation. These hues are great in your master bedroom, kitchen or even in the family room. These colours work well as an accent to shades of brown, tan grey, soft whites, and other neutrals.
  3. Introducing these colours into your living room by having a Serenity coloured sofa and Rose Quartz armchairs lined with scatter cushions. White walls provide the contrasting background. For a bolder look, you can add in a corner chair with a darker shade of Serenity Blue, and have an eye-catching art piece with a contrasting colour.
  4. Maybe you have a vintage chair that needs some upholstery. Rejuvenate your chair with Rose Quartz coloured fabric and add it with a contrasting dark teal sofa carefully placed on a white shag rug.
  5. In your kitchen, have a Serenity backsplash with contrasting white kitchen cabinets and silver appliances. For a kitchen with open shelves, a Rose Quartz plastered background wall will give your kitchen a rustic Mediterranean look.
  6. Introduce tranquillity into your workspace by adding a Rose Quartz office chair with a Serenity accent wall. In colour psychology pink is considered a warm colour that signifies hope. And studies have even found that being exposed to pink can have a calming effect on us. Creating a space that is fresh and calming could make you feel more productive and less stressed.
  7. For the bedroom when combining a darker colour like grey with rose quartz creates a stronger, more sophisticated look. This makes a great combination for bedding, it makes for a stylish, slightly moody bedroom that still exudes warmth.

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Design Elements: Colour and Texture
Designing with Rose Quartz and Serenity