By Roelf Nel

Bringing the Cinema to your home

Most households are impacted by the fluctuation of the fuel price, the steady increase in the cost of living, and the budget cuts we normally consider are the luxury items.  To take a family of 4 out to the movies could be an expensive outing.  Two Adult tickets, two kids’ tickets, popcorn and a drink, or don’t forget the chocolates.  It becomes an expensive family outing.

With technology becoming more affordable, an attractive alternative option is to carve out a dedicated space with a flat-screen televisions, surround sound and an iPad control panel.

So what do you need to consider when creating your “Home Cinema”?


The lightening plays an important role in creating the ambience in your home Cinema.  Your lights should be dimmable.  Choosing modern lights such as colour changing LED and fiber optics can create a unique feel to your room.

The Equipment

Just remember when choosing your equipment, sound is more than half the experience. Many people cut their budget short and focus mostly on the screen. One expert advised that you divide your budget into three equal parts to cover the screen, sound and the room. It’s not the image that causes you to respond, it is the associated sound.  It is advisable to have an expert view the room and offer advice on equipment to purchase that is best for your cinema.

Basics of your home theatre system:

  • A large-screen television (at least 27 inches across, measured diagonally) with a clear picture.
  • At least four speakers.
  • Equipment for splitting up the surround-sound signal and sending it to the speakers.
  • Something that plays or broadcasts movies in surround-sound, preferably with a clear picture.
  • Make sure your wiring and connections are hidden.


Seating helps set the mood and experience of your home cinema.  If you have created a special room for your cinema, then seating is generally arranged in rows, facing forward to replicate a movie theater. This way, everyone fully experiences the impact of the sound and picture.  In most cases, the media room will be used as a cinema – comfy chairs are a must.

Now all you need is a popcorn and a few good movies.


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