By Roelf Nel

Kitchen False Ceiling Designs

One way to change the look of your kitchen is to change the ceiling from white and flat, to something that gives your kitchen character. Get inspired and look at suspended ceilings, false ceilings, wooden, or metal ceilings. The ideal kitchen ceiling is easy to clean and allows for simple installation of new lighting fixtures, ventilation or air conditioning systems.

  • Metal Ceilings designs are aluminium ceiling panels and tiles creating a fresh stylish kitchen. This is ideal if you want to make the room feel larger. The aluminium ceilings are fireproof, moisture-proof and mold-proof which makes them perfect for the kitchen.
  • Plasterboard and gypsum board are popular materials for the construction of false ceilings. This material is light weight, fireproof and flexible, which makes it ideal for the kitchen.
  • Wooden ceilings work well in keeping with a traditional type kitchen, or farm house effect. The wooden roof creates a warm feeling in the room

Enhance your ceiling design by adding LED lights. Have suspended light fittings by the island. Pictures are worth a thousand words, visit our Pinterest Board and unleash your creativity and design your kitchen ceiling.

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By Roelf Nel

Design with High Ceilings

Research suggests that tall rooms excite the brain and encourage people to explore space, and is linked with a sense of freedom. High ceilings enhance our creativity. You can read more here.

Yet the question remains, how do you design a space with high ceilings to create a flow in the room rather than having a disjointed feeling wasting the space above eye level?

  1. Take advantage of having a fire place. Creating a fireplace wall draws attention to this area of the room and emphasizes the architecture.
  2. Add in small windows just under the ceiling. The sunlight will flow in warming up the room, but also highlights that the ceilings are higher the usual.
  3. Install ceiling to floor windows. These massive windows create a dramatic effect. One caution though, rather use ceiling to floor curtaining, than adding a rail midway, which will separate the room and take away from the dramatic effect.
  4. Use eye-catching material such as wood or stone in your wall design to emphasis the high ceilings.
  5. High ceilings offers the fabulous opportunity to create a luxurious and glamorous look by having low hanging chandeliers.
  6. Transforms one of the walls into a floor to ceiling library.

Enhance your creativity and sense of freedom and consider designing a home with high ceilings, especially in the living room.

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Kitchen False Ceiling Designs
Design with High Ceilings