By Roelf Nel

Using Carpets in your décor

Carpets have the ability to transform a room into a cosy and comfortable space. The endless options of colour, design, patterns and textures makes carpeting a favourable and fashionable option in home décor.

Reasons for choosing carpets as a flooring option:

  1. Provides Safety: The surface is non-slip preventing slips and cushions falls and minimizing injuries. The soft structure of the carpets offers an added safety to the more vulnerable family members who are just learning to walk.
  2. Enhances the beauty of your home: Carpets add style and beauty to your room. There is a wide range of styles, textures, colours and designs you can choose from to suit your taste and décor. For a more casual environment, opt for simple designs and neutral colours. Go with vibrant colours and patterns when creating a bold statement.
  3. Provides Warmth and Insulation: During the winter months, you will appreciate the warmth and comfort of your carpeting. The millions of fibres trap heat. Carpets provide a layer of insulation and resist the chilly, uncomfortable weather, saving your energy bills.
  4. Reduce Noise: Carpets absorb noises that are airborne and block the transmission of sound between one floor and another. It stifles noises and reduces surface noise from walking.
  5. Hiding damaged Floors: Carpets are a good option if you have a floor that is irregular with a marked inclination or dents within its structure.

The colour trending this year is a palette of greys and taupe. You can be a bit more daring and go with blues, teal, or green remembering to keep the colours soft, soothing, and natural.

Using bold and bright azure carpets are not ideal options as these tend to date and you may find you have to replace your carpets sooner than anticipated. Beige and neutral colours are popular choices enhanced by vibrant textures and patterns. Neutral carpets compliment other trending colours such as pastel greens, yellows, blues, or salmon pink, which you can bring in through other décor. Patterns are not restricted to the printed design on the carpet, but also to the texture and geometric design within the carpet.

 Carpeting offers you endless options. Visit a few showrooms before you make a final decision on what carpet you want to go with. Check on the product specs and guarantee coverage before you make a purchase.

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