By Roelf Nel

Brighten Up Your Bathroom

A bathroom can have the tendency to have a cold feel. Surrounded by marble, tile, travertine, porcelain, glass, and metal, it is no news that the bathroom isn’t the warmest place in the house.

It is easy to counteract the cold feel of a bathroom by the application of lighting styles and effects that bring out the warmth of colour and brighten up the room.

Bathrooms tend to be dark. Unless you have a window, it can be hard to give natural lighting to an enclosed room. Typically, a bathroom has one single source of light. This highlights all the bathroom’s dark spots. The single light source creates shadows that make the room look smaller.

Brighten up your bathroom with scattering lighting around the room to cast light in all the dark corners. You can add character and style to your bathroom by the light fittings you select.

If you have to install switches in unusual locations, make sure to select from the lighted ones so that you can identify the switch in the middle of the night. A great way to add intimacy to a bathroom is to incorporate a dimmer that will give you a wide array of options when it is time to take a relaxing bath or when getting ready to go out.

Another way to brighten your bathroom is by adding wall lights around your mirrored cabinet. Not only will it make your room look bigger, but also it has the added benefit of aiding your morning makeup or shaving routine.

Mirrors are a simple way of increasing both how big and how bright your bathroom looks. A small trick that will have a big impact is having a very narrow frame on your mirror, maximising the effect it has on the room.

A sun tunnel is an investment you can also consider. Sun tunnels are a great way to bring in natural light into a windowless room and are suitable for both flat and pitched roofs.

White surfaces will help any light really reflect around the room, illuminating as wide a space as possible. Try to keep the room as white as you can and use an accent colour for your fittings or décor to help the light spread.

Contain all the light with a white ceiling, and glossy white tiles will make the walls and floor shimmer with light. When choosing an accent colour, having a distinct contrast between dark and light shades will help to emphasise all the bright areas in the room. This could work nicely as an accent wall in either a bright colour pop shade or a dark earthy tone. You could also try having patterned tiles around the basin or above the bath to draw attention to your fixtures.

Metallic or shiny accessories will reflect the light brilliantly; gold or silver accents on your fittings will do the trick perfectly.

For many bathrooms, there is a lack of natural light, but there are many tricks you can try that will effectively brighten up your space.

Try out a few of these tips and you will soon notice the difference in your dark or windowless bathroom!

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By Roelf Nel

Master Bathroom Design Ideas

The master bathroom is the ideal place to add a touch of luxury and a real wow factor. It is the place where we can relax our tired mind and body and isolate ourselves from stress. Traditionally taking a long bath is a custom way to destress, or get refreshed under a rainfall shower.

Deciding upfront on the style your bathroom will help when adding in the additional wow factors.

  • Victorian bathrooms are perfect for the homeowner who prefers a lush, romantic and pampered feel for their bathroom space.
  • To design a modern bathroom, utilise geometric shapes and patterns, clean lines, and minimal colours. Creating a modern bathroom that has a simplistic and clean feeling.
  • Classic bathroom designs are inspired by design trends where materials and decor are connected to specific historical eras. High-quality wood pieces are often used for cabinets, benches or chairs.
  • The contemporary bathroom design incorporates strong lines, smooth form and accessories. A strong emphasis on line and form — two essentials of good design — gives contemporary style its energy.

Some feature ideas that create a luxury bathroom.

  • Built in large mirrors in your bathroom creates an optical illusion of an expansive space.
  • Create a more spacious looking room with high ceilings working in the wow factor with a skylight.
  • A sparkling chandelier creates a sophisticated feel, adding to the luxury of the bathroom. The choice of chandelier will be determined by the style of your bathroom.
  • A walk-in dual shower in the master bathroom with matching rainfall silver showerheads adds to the feel of luxury.
  • A Japanese soaking tub is ideal for smaller spaces where you want to focus on the shower, it is deep enough for the bather to be fuller submerged.
  • A luxury soaking tub is perfect for someone to have a long, relaxing soak and is wide enough for two people. Your style will determine whether you select a free standing tub or have a tub with clawed feet.
  • If your property allows it, and privacy isn’t an issue, create an open air bathroom by replacing a wall with a sliding door. On warm days, open your door and enjoy the warm sunlight.
  • A bathroom offering a splendid view with wall to wall windows, creates the feeling of soaking in nature. The bottom of the window is to be in line with the top of the bath tub. For additional privacy and light filtering, add shades.

Designing a master bathroom with a wow factor takes a lot of research, deciding on your style, features that work well together, and what is your ultimate goal. We have found some great ideas on bathrooms. You can start your research visiting our Pinterest Board.

By Roelf Nel

Great bathroom features


Transform your bathrooms from a functional room into an aesthetically pleasing and stylish room adding elegance your home by having some key features.

Walk-in Showers

There is a school of thought that suggests having larger showers will continue to trend in 2015.  You can move away from shower cubicles and create space with a walk-in shower.  These walk-in showers offer oversized panes of glass or sold walls that completely enclose the space.

Designers believe that the trend of moving away from compact showering areas to ones that are more generous in size is because larger showers are spaces for rejuvenation and wellness.  This trend also adds accessibility for anyone, particularly seniors, who might have a hard time stepping up and over to access their showers.

Free-Standing Bathtubs:

So you are not really convinced to give up your bathtub just yet. The free standing bathtub remains popular not only because they offer sculptural design features, but they help set the mood for rest and relaxation.  “The freestanding bath is more than aesthetic — it is emotive,” one designer says. “Clients connect with the possibility of a bathroom that symbolizes their own space or downtime, and a freestanding bath inspires this feeling of self-indulgence in the midst of a busy life.”

Geometric tiles:

Another major design trend for the bathroom is geometric tiles. Geometric tiles are a great design solution for those who wish to add depth and visual interest to a plain, neutral space, but without the use of bright, arresting tones. If you are not colour shy this is a great option to consider.

A designer suggested that there are no limits to colour combinations or random colour placement to really showcase and lift a bathroom. A bold red geometric tile can infuse a room with a hearty dose of high-impact drama, energy and tactile appeal.
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By Roelf Nel

Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Living well is a sacred concept that self-nurturing and self-care is of vital importance to our overall health and wellness.  The trend is moving towards creating an environment that offers a haven with a spa like feel.  In this fast paced life with high demands, having a bathroom with a luxurious spa like feel is appealing to the weary soul.

Tips on creating a luxurious space in your bathroom

  • Create a focal point with a freestanding tub featuring hydrotherapy jets to relieve those tense muscles.
  • Spacious walk in showers with a rain shower-style shower head, a hand-shower that has a steam function.
  • Frameless heavy-glass enclosures gives a bathroom that spacious, luxury spa-like feel.
  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles are durable and easy to clean, but cold. Add in underfloor heating for those cold winter mornings.
  • Enhance the mood with a water-resistant music systems.
  • Add in soft, fluffy towels on a warming rail and you have a perfect setting for a luxurious bath time.

Having a luxurious bathroom creates a space to rejuvenate our spirits, minds and bodies, which energizes us to care for others.

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