by Roelf Nel

The Shabby chic style incorporates pastel colours, vintage accessories, distressed white furniture, and floral patterns to create a warm, cozy environment. Candles add intimacy, and the use of flowers, vintage elements, and white furniture appeals to a feminine innocence that is reflected by this type of décor.

The Shabby chic style inspires comfort and casualty. It incorporates vintage elements; light pastel colours and cozy pieces of furniture.

Floral styles are important part of the Shabby Chic style, and they appear not only in the fresh form, but also in patters and accessories. Pastel colours used are soft and slightly neutral. Faded yellows and greens, light pinks and pale white are common choices applied to this feminine style. So, if you are into darker, brighter colours, a different style of décor may suit you better. Candles are also used to add warmth and comfort to the already inviting shabby chic décor. Incorporated to the other elements of this style of design, the result evokes tranquility and safety.

Just like you might have found in your grandparents’ attic, pale white, embroidered fabrics are a great contrast to the floral motif and pastel colours. Off white fabrics that look as they’ve been stained with tea offer a vintage feel that adds to the familiarity and security that is inspired by this style. Another important contrasting element of the shabby chic look is the use of white painted furniture. This detail adds to the innocence of this home décor style, inspiring pureness and cleanliness.

The shabby chic style of décor can be achieved by combining similar elements in a harmonic way. Floral patterns and pastels colours complement each other, and are counteracted by the addition of rustic vintage elements such as books, old alarm clocks and porcelain plates. To add contrast, white is used in furniture and accents. And candles offer the finishing touch with warmth and serenity.

Add fresh flowers like daisies, orchids, freesias, and roses to enhance your shabby chic style.

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