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by Roelf Nel

Pathways have many different functions. Your pathway can create a whimsical feel drawing attention to a secret garden or it can create a grand entrance to your home. Enhance the mood and atmosphere of your garden by connecting your entertainment areas with a stylish pathway.

A well-designed walkway will have an impact on the overall look and feel of your property. If the purpose of your pathway is to direct traffic, you may want a path that is wide enough for accommodate two people walking side by side. For a path leading up to your door, make it generously wide.

Your pathways should complement your house and landscape design. Having a gently curved path is more pleasing to the eye than just a straight line with sharp curves.

When choosing the material, consider the purpose of your pathway. A whimsical pathway using loose gravel is ideal for a path in your garden, but not for your entrance way. Apart from being difficult to rake, the loose stones can cause damage to your entrance hall.

Brick pathways offer a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colours you can select. These pathways are durable and versatile. They are weather and slip resistant, which is an important factor to consider in designing your pathway. The drawback is the growth of weeds.

Natural stone creates a beautiful natural look and feel. You may be limited in your choice of shape and colour. If you are wanting to create a feel that your pathway is part of the landscape, natural stone is the right choice. Apart from being a more expensive option, weeds can grow between the stones and over time create an uneven surface.

A more flexible option is stamped concrete giving the look of natural stone, and does not leave room for weeds to grow between stones. You can create very natural looking or more formal looking designs by simply using different patterns.

Flagstone has a natural look and is a good option to choose for a walkway because of its non-slip surface. To avoid slips and accidents it is important the flagstones are evenly installed.

When it comes to building a pathway, you can do it yourself and throw a few slabs down and reward yourself with a tall cold one for a job well done. Or you can create a masterpiece that will last for years to come. Involving a landscaper would be a suitable solution to prevent land shifts destroying your pathway to tranquillity.

Get inspired by our Pinterest Board, we have found some great samples of pathways that will get your creative juices flowing.

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