by Roelf Nel

Outdoor fountains are simply a wonderful way to enjoy the mixture of natural beauty and man-made perfection, all in one simple package. Listening to the beautiful sound of the water flowing from a fountain, a feeling of calmness washes over you. Serenity is your friend, even in the most hectic places, so long as you have an outdoor fountain nestled close to your home. Whether you choose to place your fountain in the front yard or the backyard, this piece of art and nature can fit into any home design – from the most classic to the ultra-modern to the quaint cottage style.

Classical homes are perfect for the beauty of the outdoor fountain. Between the elegant landscaping and the overwhelming majesty of the home, there is room for an outdoor fountain of any size. While you should not purchase a fountain that is too large for your home, a classical house demands a classical fountain designed from old world materials like slate, marble or ceramic. If these materials are too expensive, consider looking at a fiberglass model which has the same look and feel of a slate or marble fountain. The classic cascade of a stylish waterfall fountain is preferable for any classically styled home and generally not to be substituted for any other styles.

Modern homes can also present excellent options for outdoor fountains. Generally made from stone, glass, or any type of metal, a modern fountain should generally blend in with the rectangular feel of a standard modern home. From large to small, an outdoor fountain of modern design will be able to deliver the serene sound of flowing water with the hip, urban look of a high-tech home.

Generally, cottage style homes have fountains that are smaller in scale. These fountains are constructed of marble or some other type of stone. Usually adorned with one or two tiers to allow the water to flow gracefully, the cottage style outdoor fountain is a perfect addition to any garden or patio.

Adding Fountain Statutes to your existing pond or pool is an excellent way to combine art with the tranquillity of water flowing. As far as serenity and aesthetics go, the pond fountain statue is a top-notch combination of both and is an excellent choice no matter how your home is styled. Available in two distinct styles, chances are you will be able to find a pond fountain statue that will not only match your home’s style but also your own tastes and preferences.

The first common fountain statue style is that where the fountain integrates seamlessly with your existing pool or pond. You will simply buy a statue that doubles as a fountain that will be able to draw its water from an existing source. In the case of this first type, that source is your existing pond. These types of pond statue designs are available in a variety of materials including stone, ceramic, and certain metals. You simply place the pond fountain statue in the water so the fountain’s hose can draw water from the pond or pool and then allow the fountain to go to work creating a beautiful display to accent your existing pond.

Alternatively, you can purchase a pond fountain statue that essentially draws water from its own pond. These are much larger than the first type of fountain, mainly because they contain a large basin at their base that acts as a storage area for the water. There may be a bit of assembly required, but these types of pond statue are generally easy to install. Simply place it where you desire and add some water to the basin. For the most part, you can purchase the freestanding type of fountain statuaries in a variety of different materials, including stone, metal and tile or ceramic.

No matter what your home design is, adding a fountain into the design introduces tranquillity and serenity into your space.

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An Outdoor Fountain adds serenity with a touch of art to your home design