Copper splashback

by Roelf Nel

Are you looking for something different for your home? If so, a Splashback is a wonderful way to add an extra decorative twist to your kitchen or bathroom while preserving and beautifying the wall at the same time. If you want something truly unique, a metal splashback is the way to go.

There are many reasons why homeowners decide to install a Metal Splashback. On a practical note, Splashbacks help to protect the walls, especially in areas where they might suffer the most, such as behind the kitchen sink or the stove. In most cases, Splashbacks are also simple to install, which means that, unlike installing a countertop or new cupboards, this endeavour will not keep you from using your kitchen or bathroom for long periods of time.

The benefits of choosing a metal Splashback are numerous indeed. There are a variety of different materials to choose from, such as tin, copper, stainless steel, aluminium, and several others. The best thing about choosing a metal Splashback is that you can experiment with different colours and textures as well. For example, if you like the look of bright stainless steel or copper, you can give your favourite rooms a truly vibrant, glowing look.

However, the appearance of fatigued or oxidized copper or tin is rapidly growing to be a popular look indeed. Rather than having the uniform coppery red or silver, having your tiles treated this way results in your metals showing a plethora of darker hues and patterns that are great for creating a natural, rustic look.

Copper in particular is interesting in that it can be manipulated to show different textures. Marbled copper, for example, is an interesting mix of bright, pale copper with darker swirls. This, as you can imagine, can create quite a dramatic effect when installed in a kitchen or bathroom.

A metal Splashback is also a great choice for kitchens because they tend to conduct heat very well. However, when it comes to liquids, you may want to contact the manufacturer before purchasing different tiles. To prevent rust from occurring, try purchasing only metal Splashback tiles that are chromium-plated. You can also treat your Splashback tiles by keeping them away from standing water and always wiping them off thoroughly should they become wet. If you plan to paint your metal Splashback tiles, use acrylic paint.

That aside, washing your Splashback tiles shouldn’t be a problem. Oftentimes all you need is soap and water. Avoid using overly harsh chemicals, however, as this can warp the appearance of your metal.

Well, now that you have an alternative to the regular tiled splashback, do some more research and see if this is a style you want to incorporate in your home.  Visit our Pinterest board for more metal splashback ideas.


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Copper splashback
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