by Roelf Nel

Every kid is a ‘genius in the making’ and this makes their study area very important. They should be comfortable with the study area and thus have little excuse to leave their desk often. There are many study table and chair sets readily available in the market in various colours and options with various accessories attached to them. You need to select one which suits the needs of the child and fits the space available at home for this purpose.

As a parent there are certain factors that you should consider while deciding on a study area:

Space – It is always important that the kid get sufficient space and it should neither be cramped nor too big. A cramped space makes the child feel uneasy very early and a spacious set up will get them to relax a little too easily. So it should be of just the right size. The study space may either be in the kid’s room or if space is a constraint in a common study or the bedroom. As a parent, if you think the kid needs some supervision while studying it’s better to have the study area in a place close to the kitchen or living room.

Noise – Ensure that the noise level around the study area is low. Children are easily distracted and therefore the study area should be located in a place that ensures adequate peace and quiet. Switch off the TV or music when they are studying and ensure that friends’ visits are restricted to play time.

Furniture – The study area should have a table and a comfortable chair. It is best to have an ergonomically designed chair. The size of the table should go with the age and build of the child and should have spaces to hold stationery, books, notes and other accessories.

Light – Lighting is also very important in the kid’s study area. A well-spread light is always the best and so normally a special desk light is not necessary. If specifically required the study lamp should be well focused on the table and care should be taken that the light does not fall on the child’s face. The light may be fixed on the wall or the table. If the room gets a generous share of natural light, then place the desk in such a way as to make the most of it.

Organize work – A bulletin board stuck on the table or the wall near the table or even the wardrobe door will be of great help to keep track of the kid’s schedules, homework, extracurricular activities etc. To-do notes and checklists will help your children to stay organized and get their work done on time.

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Some Useful Tips For Kids Study Areas