by Roelf Nel

Are you looking for an inspiring floor design for your new home, or you are wanting to replace your old floors? Painted floors offers a creative alternative to explore. Give your older wooden floors new life with a coat of paint and add zest using a stencil creating beautiful design elements.

When your home is in need of a brightness boost, painting the floors white will add the freshness you desire. The white floors add a contemporary flair transforming the room instantly. Contrast the white floors with a featured colour wall using textured paint or wallpaper.

Create a sophisticated and timeless feel by painting black and white checkerboards on the floor. If uniformity is the look you’re after, walls and floors painted in a similar tone offers this tranquil flow, while contrasting colours sparks an interest. Add style and freshness to a room with a solid colour. Pale sky blue or a cheerful spring green will transform any space. For the creative enthusiast try out an extravagant flooring technique – Decoupage. Transform your wooden floors into beautiful faux rugs with bright fun colours.

Painted floors is not for everyone, or every type of home. You may get a pang of guilt at the idea of painting your wooden floors. If you need to replace your wooden floors, this is a less expensive and creative option to consider.

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