by Roelf Nel

If you are asking an artist to help you match an art piece to your couch, you may get a bit of an earful. Your art piece is chosen, then the couch. Incorporating art successfully into your home takes a few observations that will ensure its proper placement. A well-added piece of artwork will not only grant your room a wonderful focal point, but it will help establish balance and harmony.

When you’ve selected a piece of art for one of your rooms, first make sure that the colours in the painting match or complement those in the room. If you use artwork that doesn’t relate to your room’s theme or colour scheme, you will have a hard time finding a suitable location and appreciating the effect of the art.

If you have a room that follows a black and white pattern, you will be better off selecting art that is either black and white or filled with bold colours like yellows, reds, and blues. In this case, if you go for an impressionist piece that has earthy tones and golds, you are likely to find it impossible to achieve harmony and balance.

Another important aspect of incorporating artwork into your home décor is decoration style. If you have a modern room, you’ll want to add art that inspires modernism. An artistic style such as cubism would be a wonderful addition to this type of décor. But if you use portrait art in intricate golden leaf frames, you are bound to be left with a room that does not inspire continuity.

It’s important to note that not all styles of décor are suitable environments for art as a focal point. A décor style such as tropical chic offers multiple patterns, dark woods, and individual elements that stand out and draw the eye on their own. Focusing too much on artwork in this type of décor can result in a poor investment of time, as this type of design naturally draws attention to itself. Any aspect could leave much of your artwork slightly unnoticed.

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Incorporating artwork into your home décor design