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by Roelf Nel

Today there is a huge emphasis on going green. Whether it’s recycling, being aware of using natural products, eating organic food and so the list goes on. One way of going green on your property is to consider harvesting rain water.

A few benefits of harvesting rain water includes:

  • It’s better for the Environment: The more water we can leave in the ground, the better for the planet.
  • Create Your Own Private Reserve: When the local municipality works on the water main, you don’t have to worry about the water supply that gets shut off.  You will have water on hand stored in your rain water tanks or rain barrels.
  • Plants Respond Better to Rainwater: Rainwater has been proven to grow stronger and healthier plants than those hydrated with municipal water. Usually the water from the municipal supply has been treated with filters and chemicals to make the water ‘safer’ for humans to consume. This makes it worse for plants.
  • Reduce Your Risk of Flooding: If you live in a particularly rainy part of the country, your property is at perpetual risk of flooding. The water supply gets backed up as the rainwater gushes into it. The ground can only absorb so much water before it gets water clogged. Your house will be at risk to structural damage by overflowing gutters. By collecting rainwater in rainwater tanks, you keep your gutters flowing properly, and you reduce the risk of over-saturation on your property.

There are different options to consider when implementing a rain harvesting system:
1. Above the ground tank: This is a tank that can be hidden anywhere in your garden. Rain water is collected from the roof and channelled into the underground pipes that lead to the tank.
2. Under the ground tank: Water is collected from the roof and is channelled into the underground pipes, but the water tank is under the ground. This is perfect for homes with small gardens or if you want your tank to be hidden out of sight.

Why not go green and harvest rain water, not only doing your part in contributing to the environment, but creating a home that inspires your friends and neighbours?

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