by Roelf Nel

The garage is where we throw everything that doesn’t have a place in the house. Tired of never being able to find anything in your garage? It’s time for a change…..

Want your garage to be useful but stylish too? Or perhaps even a workshop instead of just somewhere where you park your car.   Now is your opportunity to take this large space and make it into a lively, practical area with great storage space. See how all of that could be possible:

  1. Set aside enough time to work on the project, ideally over an entire weekend. This is the perfect opportunity of making it a fun family activity, even rope in a friend or two.
  2. Categorise the items in your garage. Categories to include are recycling, automotive, sporting equipment, camping gear, garden gear, seasonal décor, and tools.
  3. Determine the best garage layout. Decide where you want each type of item to live, allowing for its regularity of use and the existing space. For example, recycling should be located near the entrance to the home, whilst tools should stay near the work table.
  4. Important questions to ask your remodeling contractor; is the lighting adequate and well positioned for my chosen usage? Do the walls need to be insulated or painted? Does the ceiling need repairing? Is the ceiling high enough to accommodate sturdy shelving?
  5. Consider your storage options. Utilise a mish mash of cabinets, shelving, activity storage boxes and overhead storage racks. The ultimate goal is to have a multi-use garage set-up and storage system that can change with your needs. Make sure to use cabinets specifically built for the garage with extra strength features like 2.5 cm thick shelves, fully adjustable shelves and mounted off the floor which eliminates pest filtration. This will also protect you against potential water and mold damage.
  6. Make the most of vertical space. Wall organisers help to keep items off your garage floor. Hang a pegboard with hooks for storing small tools while allowing easy accessibility. After hanging your tools, draw an outline of each tool on the pegboard to provide an easy way to locate the designated storage spot when it’s time to put it away.
  7. In addition, use a wall panel with fixed grooves that has heavy-duty hooks to slide along the grooves. Use this organiser to hang garden tools — weed eater, ladders, spades, pruners, wheelbarrow — together at one end of a wall panel and bikes and surfboards at the other end.
  8. Use clear plastic bins with clip-down lids that are stackable and clearly labeled. This will eliminate clutter of small items and allows you to group items by category or use.
  9. Ensure your flooring system is easy to clean, durable and provides lasting beauty to the largest room in your house. When considering a floor coating system for your garage, look for systems that utilize polyurethane as the finish coat.
  10. Remember, keeping your garage neat and tidy is easy when it starts out organised. With your items categorised and stored away in cabinetry, it becomes much easier to determine annually what you need and what can be discarded. This way you will be able to find your items easily, which saves time and money.  The great news is that you will no longer be purchasing things you already have, but just couldn’t find.

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