by Roelf Nel

The winter season is slowly creeping in with a few days that are cooler than the typical warm autumn days we enjoy. Sitting in the sun, but sheltered from the cold is appealing.  Having a sunroom to relax in is the perfect way to end a hard working week and enjoying your home.

Elements of a perfect sunroom

  • Ideally you want a space that allows four or more hours of sunlight to stream in.
  • The amount of light streaming into the room impacts on the room-temperature and the illumination. For warm summer days blinds or louvered shutters can be used to diffuse the light. On cold gloomy days, these shutters can prevent the heat from escaping. Another option is using bamboo blinds.
  • The temperature will change more rapidly in your sunroom than any other part of your home due to the larger windows areas. To compensate this, choose a tile, brick or stone floor. These paving materials serve as a heat-sink storing warmth from the sun to be slowly released after the sun has gone.
  • Installing a ceiling fan will help circulate the air on hot days and keep the space from overheating.
  • Sunrooms with a solid roof will minimize the amount of direct sunlight reaching the interior of the room. This is especially important to keep the room comfortable in summer.
  • Furnish your sunroom with sunbeds along the windows to have a place to laze around on cold winter weekends.
  • Blur the lines between indoors and outdoors by choosing natural wood tones and natural fibres when decorating your sunroom. Plants of all sizes add to the indoor outdoor feel.
  • The size of your sunroom will be determined by your purpose. If you want an office or a nook where your pets sleep, then this room can be small.  When looking for a space to entertain, then make this room bigger.
  • A common roofing option is the single slope roof. This is the most versatile option because it complements a wide range of architectural styles.


Will your sunroom be a reading nook or are you looking for a space to entertain your family and friends, but be shielded from the weather elements? Visit our Pinterest board and get inspired by the sunroom ideas we came across.

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Elements of a sunroom