by Roelf Nel

Artwork is used both as an accessory and a unifying element to tie a room together. Depending on the art that you chose, it will be the defining factor for an energizing, warming, or formal environment.

The use of artwork as an element of décor incorporates both colour and definition into a room.

Pieces of art help determine the focal point of a room and should be displayed so that they draw the eye progressively from and to the focal point of the space.

Artwork adds character and flair to a room. It distracts and defines the emotions and the mood that the intended space conveys.

Large artwork should be placed strategically as an attention-catcher. The wall where the art is placed should be relative to the size of the painting and large enough to allow for a good amount of wall space to frame the artwork and draw the eye.

To showcase your art and make it stand out, install lighting directly below or above it. In this way you highlight its colours, and the overall effect on the impact of the room is more significant than if hung without individual lighting.

To achieve a more dramatic effect, group paintings and create asymmetric arrangements. This is another way to catch the eye with a few small paintings, which would otherwise be hard to achieve if they were scattered throughout the room.

Paintings can also be set in a symmetrical series, spaced evenly apart for an ordered, clean look. Add interest with black and white images, or add depth and complexity with a gold leaf frame that features intrinsic woodwork.

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How to Display Artwork