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Does your dining room gather dust between holidays and your random dinner parties? Well, it shouldn’t. You spend some of the key moments of your life in your dining room, getting together with your family and friends, celebrating holidays and birthdays. It’s important for this room to be a reflection of your personality and style!

There has been a lot of chatter about how the dining room has been eliminated from new home designs, but that’s just not true. The room still exist; they simply function differently. Many people choose to make it multi-functional — it could be a library and a bar area. It could open to the patio and be more of a party room. Or it could be more open and casual, where it’s a serving space for informal parties. Add in a bookcase or two and you have a library. The point is, it doesn’t vanish from the floor plan. It just becomes something that you’ll actually use.

Here are the latest trends in decorating this versatile space:

  1. Inject new life into your dining room, using fresh and clean colours. The trick to decorating a whole room is to incorporate a lot of texture. This is easy to achieve through the use of wallpaper. Consider grasscloth wall coverings, or even faux leather wallpapers. There are amazing wallpapers around to create this visual effect, ranging from metal to cork. Another place is using a rug underneath the dining set, large framed mirrors on the walls and a crystal chandelier to complete the design. If you want a pop of colour, set the table with bright-coloured plates or use vibrant flowers as a centrepiece.
  2. The key to getting this look is to mix your materials. Start with a rustic table : It could be a farmhouse-style table or maybe one made of reclaimed wood. Oak and walnut wood are among the most popular materials being used currently. Visible wood graining and a thick table top, either in tempered glass or natural stone, will help you get the feeling right. Now look for chairs in a modern material: Metal chairs or plastic chairs would work well. You could even choose chairs in bold colours, with soft cushions and backs. Anchor the space with a traditional area rug with warm tones, like red or orange.
  3. High-contrast dining sets are one of the hottest trends in dining furniture. Making use of a wooden table and neutral upholstered chairs go together beautifully. It’s visually interesting, and automatically makes the whole room feel warm and inviting.
  4. If you’re ready to make a serious style statement, look for a dining table that has unique legs. These could be pedestals, X-shapes, or columns. Generally, when the table legs are this bold, the chairs in the set will be more streamlined, so they don’t detract from the style of the table. Benches can take the place of the side chairs on both sides of the table or just on one side. It gives the room a casual feeling that’s perfect for less formal homes.
  5. Having a separate library is oh so Sherlock Holmes. Behold instead, the library and dining room combo. Walls lined with books make a room feel cozy and intimate. Plus, your dinner guests will know how well read you are. The current trend in design for libraries, asks for sleek lines with well-defined edges with neutral shades. The more space-conscious models has become much more prevalent when it comes to home libraries. They no longer need to occupy an entire room on their own and can fit in pretty much anywhere and connecting, where necessary, two different rooms.

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