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by Roelf Nel

Concrete is becoming an alternative finish for surfaces such as floors, ceilings, walls and even around the fireplace.

Raw concrete surfaces creates a pleasing contrast to painted, wooden and even tiled surfaces rather than looking unfinished or incomplete.  With the advancement of technology and additives it is possible to create a variety of different looks textures and patterns.

Ideas to create beautiful floors using concrete:

  1. Concrete floors can be stained or coloured to match any hue, and you can have your finish resemble a tile, slate or marble.
  2. Enhance your concrete floor using decorative stenciled borders, medallions and other custom graphics.
  3. Using metallic epoxy and polishing coatings offers a trendy look. Metallic epoxies contain real metallic powders or special reflective pigments to give concrete floors the look of copper, silver, aged bronze, nickel, and other shimmery patinas. They are especially popular in settings where a modern, upscale look is desired. Concrete polishing results in a floor with a smooth, high-luster finish that resembles polished stone, yet never requires waxing.
  4. Another floor that can benefit from decorative coating is the garage floor. There are special coatings that not only help to protect the floor from grease, oil stains and tire marks, but also impart color and texture. These heavy-duty epoxy-based systems are available in many color choices and can be enhanced by decorative quartz or color chips.

While you are considering what type of feel you would like to add to your home, consider concrete as an alternative surface to tiles or carpets.


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Concrete, the alternative option