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by Roelf Nel

Have you ever stood in front of the paint colour charts in the hardware store and have no idea what colour to select?

Handy tips when choosing colours:

  1. Instead of focussing on how the room should look, consider how you want the room to feel. Select your colours based on the mood you want to create for that space.
  2. One colour can feel different from room to room. Factor in the natural light in each room.  If a room feels dark, bright colours will enhance the light.  If your room is already airy, then you could get away using dark colours.
  3. Take a walk in nature and get inspired by the colour and texture combinations. Take note of what makes you feel alive, could you recreate that feeling in your room using colours and textures?
  4. Create a Mood Magic Board with the colours and textures you have collected. Play around with the combinations on a large white board until you get that feeling you want to create.
  5. Once you have made your selection, get some tester pots to make sure these colours work on your walls. Paint different spots in varying lights or hang a painted A4 piece of lining paper on different walls so you can see how the colours look under natural and artificial light at different times of day.
  6. Use small spaces to take risks, especially if they don’t have any windows. You can fill small spaces with detail that can be enjoyed up close.  Small spaces are great for textured paints or wall paper.


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Handy tips on choosing colours