Service Agreement

We ensure a professional  service agreement is signed between the owner and the architect

Builder Contract

We make sure the correct contract is signed with the builder – incorporating the estates building rules into the contract between the owner and builder;

Security for Due Performance

We put a security for due performance by the builder in place for the owner, usually in the form of a retention account, based on the builders cash flow,  at a law firm, with indemnity insurance to protect both parties;

Insurance Plan

We ensure the builder has the correct insurance in place in the joint names of the builder and the owner;

NHBRC Enrollment Check

We will check that the builder has enrolled the project with the NHBRC before starting to build;

Contractor & Architect Meetings

We meet with the architect and contractor once a month to ensure they are complying with the contract;

Dispute Mediation

We mediate disputes between the owner (and his agents) & the contractor. Our mediators are associated with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Continuous Advice

We are available to the owner to give advice regarding the performance of the architect and the contractor;

Arbitration Assitance

Where the mediation is unsuccessful we refer the owner to Roelf Nel Inc in the event of arbitration – this entails briefing the law firm in full and supplying them with all the relevant information regarding the dispute at no cost to the owner.

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