by Roelf Nel

When choosing an art piece that you will cherish for years to come, consider the kind of art you like, does it suit your home décor, and where will it make the best artistic impression.

You can develop your art preferences by visiting museums, expositions, or galleries. These are great sources to explore your artistic boundaries, view home décor ideas, and get a grasp of the kind of art that you enjoy.

Both famous artists and local artists will have something different to offer, and in many cases, you will discover beautiful techniques in local artists that you would’ve never encountered in the better-known artwork.

Galleries have exhibitions on a regular basis, with special nights where the events are longer and larger. If you’re looking for inspiration, this is a surefire way to get it.

Once you have settled on your art piece, the next decision will be how to showcase the art to best highlight the décor, while still allowing it to have its own presence in the room. Finding a good spot is your first task. Have a second person help you decide where the painting looks best from a distance.

In many cases, an art piece will call for a place on the focal point wall. Sometimes, an art piece will look great in a spot you didn’t consider before, so when you test, make sure to try it out all the places.

Sometimes a piece of artwork is such a powerful eye-catcher that you might have to switch some furniture around to make it fit as well as possible.

A great way to showcase your artwork and make it stand out is to equip its surroundings with special lighting that will bring the eye’s attention to the piece of art. You can either use track lighting or hanging fixtures that are supported by invisible wire.

Another nice touch is to illuminate artwork from the bottom. This creates a dramatic look that adds quality and warmth to any painting.

Before you hang your artwork, make the necessary measurements so that it hangs directly at eye level. Sculptures should lie on the floor if tall enough to draw the eye, or be rested on a surface such as a side table or base that will raise it into sight.

Plan a few visits to your local gallery and home décor trade shows and explore the kind of art you enjoy.

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Blending Art into a Home Décor Style