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When it comes to decorating, the splashback can mean the difference between an ok kitchen and a kitchen that has a truly unique look. If you are redecorating your kitchen for aesthetics as well as purpose, the splashback is also a good way to create a bit of extra style without sacrificing your kitchen’s functional properties as well.

What sort of materials are the best for a splashback? This depends entirely on your personal taste, of course, but the location of the splashback will also affect what materials you should use. However, there are many materials to choose from that are both durable and beautiful.

For example, if the area you want to decorate is located behind a stove, it is ideal that you pick a material that is both heat resistant and non-absorbent. If you are looking for a warm, organic look, then using stone tiles may be the perfect choice for you.

While not all types of natural stones tiles are ideal for enduring the intense heat and regular grease and food splatters that commonly occur, there are several ideal choices, such as soapstone, granite, and several others. Less durable such as marble or quartz also make an attractive addition to areas of your kitchen that are less busy. For a truly unique look, try using copper splashback tiles.

If stones are not for you, porcelain tiles are also ideal for any area of your kitchen. Along with coming in a variety of different textures and colours, they are also naturally heat and stain resistant, resulting in a beautiful splashback that will last. Many decorators will recommend that you use the same porcelain tiles as your floor for a simple, homey look.

Glass splashbacks are ideal for countertops. Depending on the colour and pattern, you can create a sterile, clinical look or a truly eclectic statement. One of the best things about using glass is that this material is easy to install and comes in a wide variety of textures and hues. Some glass splashbacks actually contain bits of crushed mirror shards or flecks of vivid colour to create added texture. However, as it is not very heat resistant, keep it away from the area behind your stove.

These are only a few of the materials that are ideal for splashbacks. Regardless of what kind you choose, you will be able to rest easy in that you are making your kitchen truly yours.

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