four essential factors of a good bedroom design

by Roelf Nel

Successful design is a relative term. What is good or successful for one may not be so from your point of view. When it comes to interior design, there are certain factors which are always present no matter how the room is used. Here is a checklist of the bare minimum design factors to incorporate to have a comfortable bedroom.

1) Natural light entering the room.
Naturally lit spaces are always the primary goal. Incorporating the sun as the strongest source of light is very necessary for the interior spaces. Studies show that natural light can penetrate an interior space up to approximately 7 meters. Position your windows and sliding doors to get the maximum light into your room.

2) Natural Ventilation
A free and unobstructed flow of air can be a great way to keep the atmosphere cool and clean in an interior space. This is possible where bedrooms are located at the corner of the building where two sides of the bedrooms have external faces.

Where it is not possible to provide windows on adjacent faces or opposite faces, a ventilator above the window is used. The concept behind the ventilator is simple. The occupants use the lower half of the bedroom causing the air temperature to rise and the air becomes lightweight.

This hot air rises above and needs an escape. The ventilators above the window play a major role of circulating the flow through the room in an upward direction. When the lower portion of the room is empty fresh air from window circulates, thus maintaining a balance.

3) Clear Movement Patterns.
Master bedrooms have certain exit points attached to it. Such as

  • Exit to balcony/ terrace.
  • Exit to toilet block/ walk-in closet
  • Exit to backyard (if on ground floor)

If we draw an imaginary line from the entry point to all these exit points, ideally they should not intersect. Since all other areas are already occupied with furniture, keeping the inside circulation space clear, helps to achieve a comfortable space.

4) Good Provision for Inclusion Of Accessories.
Accessories in a bedroom have equal importance. When all other factors mentioned above are considered, what remains is the using accessories to make a difference in the comfort levels of the occupants.

  • The first and the most important is a good provision of artificial lighting. This includes basic lighting as well as special decorative lighting for decorative purposes.
  • Special provision for upholstery and linen. Small details such as curtain rods, provision for bed canopies can make the room extra decorative.
  • Use materials that are easy to clean and maintain. For example, if you are using PVC flooring sheets on top of the standard tiled flooring, is it washable? Think of what will happen if your child uses it as a painting canvas.

The above is an attempt to look for some universal factor that can affect the comfort level of the users in a bedroom. Finally, the feeling you get when you use your bedroom is most important and is a good measure to decide the success factor of the design project.

These are starting points you can factor into your bedroom design. You can decide on your style. Is it Shabby Chic, French Cottage, Tuscan, or something else?

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four essential factors of a good bedroom design
Four Essential Factors of a Good Bedroom Design