by Roelf Nel

Many people want to be able to utilise their backyard space year round. They want to be able to enjoy all of the benefits of having a nice patio or deck and have a comfortable living space created. Many are turning to putting a fire pit in their backyards to enjoy this space all year round.

A fire pit can make an attractive and functional addition to a backyard space. When designing your patio is a good time to include the fire pit.

Typically, the patio and fire pit are concrete with the same design work featured in both the patio and fire pit. This is a great idea to make a very sturdy and functioning fireplace that matches the entire patio.

There are other types of fire pits as well. A pit is generally one that is circular and open. A Chimeneas is a type of fire pit that is enclosed and has a chimney. Some people prefer this type of pit as it cuts down on ash that is blown around since it is enclosed; children also can’t get to the fire as easily.

A traditional fire pit is open but a screen is optional to close it preventing ash from flying. This type of fireplace has tall sides made to sit on by designing benches around the pit.

Some of the fire pits that are on the market today are portable. This is ideal if you want to move your fireplace around your yard. This makes the pit very versatile and useful.

Make a traditional fire pit by digging a circular hole and then placing stones around it. This may seem practical for camping but may not be the best choice in a backyard where there may be pets and small children that will inevitably trip and fall into the fire or stones.

Families have learned that once they install a fire pit, backyard entertainment takes on a new dimension. There are many occasions for gathering around an open fire and adds new possibilities to your outdoor entertainment.

Visit the Pinterest board and get some great ideas on different styles and designs of fire pits.

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