By Roelf Nel

Christmas Wonderland at Home

Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes the opportunity to turn your home into a miniature magical wonderland. There is a lot to consider, the Christmas tree, stockings, ornaments, table theme and lights. But, don’t let the stress of Christmas decorating make you lose your Christmas cheer. Whether you prefer the modern design or are more of a traditionalist, here are some ideas that will be warm and inviting, bringing joy to your home.

What is the most important decorative item that is usually added to our homes for this occasion? Yes, you guessed it. It is the Christmas tree that really makes us feel that Christmas is truly here. Without it, you may feel Christmas did not come to town. Having a real pine tree to decorate is always a treat, but these days the artificial tree selection is endless. They come in different sizes, colours and textures.

Whichever route you decide, remember the Christmas tree may require most of your time and effort. This is why you need to know how to decorate it. To ensure your tree “pops” out and looks fabulous the best advice is to decorate it throughout, using garlands of fairy lights, wrapping it around the tree in a spiral manner. Lights have always been the go-to decor for Christmas trees. The latest trend is LED string lights and fixtures to illuminate rooms and objects in new ways. Go big with your light show; the more you use, the cooler the effect.

When decorating, don’t be restricted to just using red and green in terms of colour. Blue is big in so many ways. Every shade of blue from pale blue right through to turquoise and royal blue if you really want a pop of colour. In addition, frosted decorations are the foundation of the wonderland theme, and can be used alone or blended with other colours. Clear and frosted glass, and well as acrylics, made a real splash last year and are back again. As well as the traditional bauble shapes, snowflakes and homemade decorations are a big part of this trend.

Another change this year is using eco-friendly choices. Living succulents are earth-friendly, low maintenance and an excellent modern Christmas decorating idea. Arrange a few in a centerpiece, or go big with a succulent wreath or garland. By using these hardy, low-water plants, you can enjoy them long after Christmas is over. Whilst modern wreaths, can be used in a number of rooms throughout the home; either on your front door, in a window, as a centerpiece or wrapped around a group of candles. Another bonus is their versatility. To change a wreath’s look, simply add in small objects, a brightly coloured ribbon or large pine cones.

For Christmas dinner why not bring your theme into the dining room too – instead of the traditional name tags, use your family’s stockings on the back of their respective chairs. Alternatively turn your stockings into individual cutlery holders, the choices are endless.

Ever thought about decorating your kitchen for Christmas too? Considering it is the heart of the home, the kitchen however, is often a room that gets left out. There is not a shortage of ideas of how to transform it into festive cheer. Bring in a splash of red and green through the use of candles, miniature wreaths, potted plants or place a Father Christmas figurine on the kitchen island or table. Remember, don’t overdo it. Keep it simple and stylish.

Be inspired, have fun, enjoy the process and transform your home into a place of magic for December.

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By Roelf Nel

Five ways to add a touch of Glamour to your Home

Adding a touch of glamour to your room interior is not about the flash. You can tastefully add a touch of glamour to your home and transform your room into a luxurious place.

One statement piece can add a touch of glamour, whether it is a gilded Venetian mirror or a spectacular leather turquoise chaise in the centre of an all-white living room, that one piece adds a little luxury to an otherwise casual room setting.

Turn an ordinary room into one that exudes class and style by adding in crown moulding. Crown mouldings are typically decorative strips made up of wood, plastic, or fibreboard. Using crown moulding is a fabulous way to camouflage the existing flaws and ugly blotches on the walls or ceilings. Using these decorative strips adds a touch of elegance to a room, making it appear more grand and unique.

Another effective option dating back to Georgian period is Panel Moulding. Panel moulding is used to break up large surfaces, which adds a formal feeling to most designs. It is also utilized as a border separating colours or textures. Visually enhance any room with decorative panel moulding, from walls and doors to ceilings.

Adding a touch of Gold to your décor is a classy trend that seems to be staying for a while. Transform a plain kitchen into a formal space with stylish golden light fittings, and finishing off touches with gold taps, and gold cabinet handles. If gold is too flashy for you, go with the more subtle, yet elegant brass finish.

Using Colour is another way of adding glamour and elegance to your room. Either go with bold and dramatic colours or soft understated hues. Painting interior doors black creates an expensive feeling, without causing much damage to your wallet. Make sure you tie the overall design together by adding some black accessories to this space.

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Christmas Wonderland at Home
Five ways to add a touch of Glamour to your Home