By Roelf Nel

The Man Cave

Men were built to withdraw into themselves, for reflection and zoning out. Having an actual space – “The Man Cave” – a space that allows for him to have some ‘Man-Time’ either alone or with the other men in his life. Spending regular time in their masculine energy is vital to the healthy mind of every man. So what should this “Man Cave” look like?

Tips on Planning your “Man Cave”

  1. The first question to ask is what theme do you want?
    • Will this room be used as a study, lined with volumes of books, a solid oak desk and computer, with leather winged chairs where you will disappear to study, work or research? Maybe having a reflective conversation sipping your cognac with a fellow cave dweller.
    • Maybe this is a space for gaming – having a pool table, cards table for poker night or a gym, or you really love collecting model tractors or trains.
    • Love watching sport? Then a space with a large screen, comfortable chairs and a bar stocked up with beers.
  2. Once you have decided on a theme, you can design a space that is large enough to accommodate the purpose of this room. Choosing a spare room in the house, may not necessarily be large enough to accommodate your pool table, bar, flat screen television and comfortable couch.
  3. Use LED lights to not only save energy, but to create the right atmosphere, and offers you the option to dim the lights.
  4. Sound proof the room. You don’t want your pleasure to create an upset because of rowdy sport supporters or loud music.
  5. Finally, maybe your cave should have an en-suite toilet?

So now it’s up to you, what will your man cave look like? Remember, while you are in your cave, your woman will probably be gathering at the mall or getting pampered at the spa.

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By Roelf Nel

Great Ideas for your Kitchen


In most families, the kitchen is the gathering ground, and is more than just the place to cook meals.

Here are some great ideas to bring the heart back into your kitchen:

  1. Add a large window allowing natural light to flow in.
  2. Space, space, space. Add an island for additional working and “kuier” space.
  3. Now use those large windows and natural light to grow your herb garden.
  4. With all the natural light streaming into your kitchen, the attention is drawn to the colour scheme. White is still the dominant colour trend for 2016, with charcoal, and natural pastels like pale green and blue being the alternative to standard white.
  5. Trendy appliances compliments the heart of the home making this gathering point a stylish hub.
  6. In this hi-tech world, consider creating a spot for all your smart devices.  Find a hidden spot to keep your techy gadgets charged. A draw with a plug point attached is super trendy.

Why not extend your kitchen to flow into the outdoors? Let the heart of your home extend into your outdoor living with ease and make the most of the South African good weather.

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By Roelf Nel

Outdoor Entertainment Ideas

The great South African weather encourages homeowners to extend their living area to the outdoors. 

Ways to create an outdoor living area

  1. Have your interior living room flow into the outdoors using large cantilever doors that opens up onto the deck.
  2. Use flooring that compliments or matches the indoors that creates a natural extension of space.
  3. Use furniture and accessories that match or compliments your indoors.
  4. Create a mediterranean feel with climbing vines and exposed beams giving an enchanting setting for an outdoor area.
  5. Use vintage textiles scattered on an outdoor daybed to create a relaxing, tranquil space to enjoy Autumn.
  6. Bright coloured scatter cushions like pinks, and greens add a great contrast to white outdoor furnishings.
  7. Create a pit fire place as a gathering point for weekend evenings sipping on wine and chatting with friends.

Create a space which is relaxing and takes the edge off the week without having to dash to the mountains every weekend.  Imagine sinking into your comfortable couch on a Saturday afternoon with your favourite sundowner.  The atmosphere is peaceful, you kick your shoes off with a sigh. This is your back garden which you converted into your private sanctuary. Life is great!

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By Roelf Nel

Stylish Interior Doors

Interior doors offer you a design opportunity to enhance the look and feel of your room.  There are so many options you can consider from creating an elegant dining area, to a sophisticated lounge or a fun room for your kids.

Add style and beauty to your room design by using a modern interior door.  Simple and creative door decorating ideas, like paint, wallpaper, ornaments or crafts decorations make interior doors look unique and attractive, bringing more color and decorative accents to room design.

Ideas for selecting interior doors

  • Using glass panels in your doors can enhance brightness into your home and have natural light flowing into the room. Glass doors not only creates more light in your home, but offers a sense of space.  Where privacy is important, the use of frosted or obscure panels offers a perfect solution.
  • When selecting doors for your main living area, consider pairing the style of the exterior doors with your interior doors to create a more harmonious flow and feel to your home.
  • When selected your interior door, consider the overall architectural and décor of your home so that the doors you select complements this style.
  • Consider opening up your living area by adding in bi-fold doors or sliding doors.
  • If you live in a contemporary home, flush doors, like a veneer finish provides a sleek, minimal finish. To create more depth, you might consider a paneled door.
  • If you are wanting to create a retreat in your home a sound proof door helps keep your sanctuary peaceful.

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By Roelf Nel

Bringing the Cinema to your home

Most households are impacted by the fluctuation of the fuel price, the steady increase in the cost of living, and the budget cuts we normally consider are the luxury items.  To take a family of 4 out to the movies could be an expensive outing.  Two Adult tickets, two kids’ tickets, popcorn and a drink, or don’t forget the chocolates.  It becomes an expensive family outing.

With technology becoming more affordable, an attractive alternative option is to carve out a dedicated space with a flat-screen televisions, surround sound and an iPad control panel.

So what do you need to consider when creating your “Home Cinema”?


The lightening plays an important role in creating the ambience in your home Cinema.  Your lights should be dimmable.  Choosing modern lights such as colour changing LED and fiber optics can create a unique feel to your room.

The Equipment

Just remember when choosing your equipment, sound is more than half the experience. Many people cut their budget short and focus mostly on the screen. One expert advised that you divide your budget into three equal parts to cover the screen, sound and the room. It’s not the image that causes you to respond, it is the associated sound.  It is advisable to have an expert view the room and offer advice on equipment to purchase that is best for your cinema.

Basics of your home theatre system:

  • A large-screen television (at least 27 inches across, measured diagonally) with a clear picture.
  • At least four speakers.
  • Equipment for splitting up the surround-sound signal and sending it to the speakers.
  • Something that plays or broadcasts movies in surround-sound, preferably with a clear picture.
  • Make sure your wiring and connections are hidden.


Seating helps set the mood and experience of your home cinema.  If you have created a special room for your cinema, then seating is generally arranged in rows, facing forward to replicate a movie theater. This way, everyone fully experiences the impact of the sound and picture.  In most cases, the media room will be used as a cinema – comfy chairs are a must.

Now all you need is a popcorn and a few good movies.


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