By Roelf Nel

Great bathroom features


Transform your bathrooms from a functional room into an aesthetically pleasing and stylish room adding elegance your home by having some key features.

Walk-in Showers

There is a school of thought that suggests having larger showers will continue to trend in 2015.  You can move away from shower cubicles and create space with a walk-in shower.  These walk-in showers offer oversized panes of glass or sold walls that completely enclose the space.

Designers believe that the trend of moving away from compact showering areas to ones that are more generous in size is because larger showers are spaces for rejuvenation and wellness.  This trend also adds accessibility for anyone, particularly seniors, who might have a hard time stepping up and over to access their showers.

Free-Standing Bathtubs:

So you are not really convinced to give up your bathtub just yet. The free standing bathtub remains popular not only because they offer sculptural design features, but they help set the mood for rest and relaxation.  “The freestanding bath is more than aesthetic — it is emotive,” one designer says. “Clients connect with the possibility of a bathroom that symbolizes their own space or downtime, and a freestanding bath inspires this feeling of self-indulgence in the midst of a busy life.”

Geometric tiles:

Another major design trend for the bathroom is geometric tiles. Geometric tiles are a great design solution for those who wish to add depth and visual interest to a plain, neutral space, but without the use of bright, arresting tones. If you are not colour shy this is a great option to consider.

A designer suggested that there are no limits to colour combinations or random colour placement to really showcase and lift a bathroom. A bold red geometric tile can infuse a room with a hearty dose of high-impact drama, energy and tactile appeal.
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By Roelf Nel

The door to your home

Open the doors to your home – a space of beauty, reflection and extension of you.  Your front door will be used at least once a day, why not make it an impressive entrance?

Create that dramatic entrance into your home using an oversized door.  More and more architects and builders have been expanding the width and height of doorways creating a more dramatic effect. These oversized doors create an impressive front door and hallway.  Using sidelights can also add to the transformation of the entry point to your home.  Oversized doors can be bought off-the shelf or custom-made to suit your preferences, creating a unique entrance to reflect your character. Choosing mismatched door hardware can really ruin the overall aesthetic of any door. When selecting your door hardware make sure that it suits the style of the door in question.

For a more classic style to your doorway you can consider using decorative stain glass inserts.  The added benefit apart from the extra light flowing into the hallway, is that the glass offers extra insulation by being double-glazed.  When privacy is an issue, obscured glass can be used without losing the benefit of the light coming through.

If you are looking for a contemporary design to create an impressive entrance, then consider the pivot door.  The pivot door is an inviting contemporary solution for replacing the traditional sliding glass doors and double entrance doors creating a modern entrance.  They require a larger opening space or are best suited to the oversized entrance hall.

Go on, make an impressive entrance.
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By Roelf Nel

Handy tips on choosing colours

Have you ever stood in front of the paint colour charts in the hardware store and have no idea what colour to select?

Handy tips when choosing colours:

  1. Instead of focussing on how the room should look, consider how you want the room to feel. Select your colours based on the mood you want to create for that space.
  2. One colour can feel different from room to room. Factor in the natural light in each room.  If a room feels dark, bright colours will enhance the light.  If your room is already airy, then you could get away using dark colours.
  3. Take a walk in nature and get inspired by the colour and texture combinations. Take note of what makes you feel alive, could you recreate that feeling in your room using colours and textures?
  4. Create a Mood Magic Board with the colours and textures you have collected. Play around with the combinations on a large white board until you get that feeling you want to create.
  5. Once you have made your selection, get some tester pots to make sure these colours work on your walls. Paint different spots in varying lights or hang a painted A4 piece of lining paper on different walls so you can see how the colours look under natural and artificial light at different times of day.
  6. Use small spaces to take risks, especially if they don’t have any windows. You can fill small spaces with detail that can be enjoyed up close.  Small spaces are great for textured paints or wall paper.


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By Roelf Nel

Creative Ceiling Designs that will transform your room

When you look up at the ceiling what do you see?  Umm it’s probably white and flat.  Maybe you were brave enough to get an attractive trimming, but it’s pretty boring, and white.

Transform your rooms by considering some of these latest trends:

  • Aluminium in false ceiling designs is a perfect solution to transform you bathroom or kitchen. Aluminium ceilings gives a sense of space and clarity and easy placement of lights requiring little maintenance.
  • False ceiling designs of wood is ideal for creating a feel of warmth in a room.
  • For your bedroom you can consider using stylish false ceiling designs and pop designs with lights.
  • In the kids bedroom you can suspend clouds with hidden ceiling lights. Using colours and patterns and fabrics you can achieve a fantasy effect in your child’s room.  Add on balloon lamps, ceiling paint and a string of lights around the door and your have created a unique room.
  • Add a creative touch by using LED lights and create a magical effect to the room. When you add LED ceiling lighting, you enhance the space with glowing lights.


Now imagine looking up and seeing your room warmly lit with LED lights with a pop design to add depth to your ceiling.


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Great bathroom features
The door to your home
Handy tips on choosing colours
Creative Ceiling Designs that will transform your room