By Roelf Nel

How to stylishly prepare your guest room for Christmas visitors

The countdown has begun for you to receive your home guests for the Christmas holidays. The question is, are you ready? Make it fun for you and your family by giving yourself enough time to prepare the guest room, slowly. This is how to create an environment that will make your guests feel welcome, comfortable and help them to enjoy the experience of being in YOUR home.

  1. Your guest room should be as relaxing as possible. Decide on a wall colour that remains as neutral as possible, such as pale blue. This creates a sense of peace and tranquility. In addition, let location be your guide. Should you live near the coast, consider bringing in a splash of colour to give a sense of being on a tropical island.
  2. The most important element to the bedroom is of course the bed. When it comes to bedding, it is best to keep it simple. Having a plain design and shade as your base is definitely the way to go, and allow your scatter cushions and blankets to bring in the colour. This is a wonderful way to personalize the room, depending on who is staying over.
  3. Prepare the guest room as if they staying in a guest lodge; layer linens in a variety of textures, provide plump pillows, a soft fluffy blanket, bathrobe and a radio or TV set.
  4. For storage space a tall dresser or large side tables are ideal. It creates room for their suitcases, some hanging space in the dresser and a draw or two for their everyday clothes. There is nothing worse than having to live out of a suitcase.
  5. Place towels, extra blankets and a chocolate on their bed. Providing just the basic toiletries would also be extremely practical. Now would be the ideal opportunity to use the miniature bottles you have stored somewhere from previous hotel visits, to include just the basics; shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. Lastly placing a bowl of fresh flowers in the room, will go a long way to make them feel welcome and special.
  6. A wall-mounted or free-standing mirror is a must have. Not only is it functional but also brings in an element of art and design.
  7. Having adequate lighting is vital. Make sure that the bedside light can be switched on independently to the main bedroom light. This creates a soothing environment.
  8. Provide a bedside table with some reading material. Also a dustbin will be most convenient for them and keeping the dirt off the floor.
  9. Ensure you have internet connection. A good suggestion is to place the Wi-Fi password ready for them, perhaps on a note card in their room. This way it prevents the awkwardness of having to ask you later on, if at all.
  10. Ensure you have extra plug points, as a charging station for phones, Kindles, iPads or batteries for digital camera. If you have extra cords let them know they are free to use them.
  11. Provide a tea & coffee tray, as well as plug points for a kettle. This way your guests don’t need to disturb you.
  12. Include a sleeper couch or comfy chair to create a relaxation area. Offering your guests a place of their own to just relax, listen to music or read a book is a benefit to all.
  13. Offering additional hanging space is not only ideal but practical too. Don’t forget to include hooks on the walls for coats, umbrellas, hats and keys.

Finally, Merry Christmas everyone. This is a season to be loving, caring and sharing. Enjoy the moments you share with loved ones, and make happy memories together.

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