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Kitchen splashback design ideas

Gone are the days where your only option for a splashback is a mosaic tile. Today, technology has made it possible to be creative, fun and inspiring. Let your kitchen reflect your creativity.

Digitally printed glass has opened up the creative minds of designers, and home owners. You can truly create your own space, with your own unique feel.

What should you keep in mind when creating a unique splashback?

  • Select high resolution images with the dimensions at least half the print size. Printing images on the back of a glass splashback is expensive, take the time to get the best quality you can afford.
  • If you are an experienced photographer, then you can use your own images; alternatively visit any stock photo database and purchase an image.
  • Create a centre piece in your kitchen using a unique image or eye catching design.
  • The stove splashback area usually works well with portrait images.
  • Behind the work surface you can look at panoramic or landscape images.

Take the time to browse through image libraries, and get inspired to create a unique look for your kitchen. Visit our Pinterest Board and see what others have created.

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By Roelf Nel

Kitchen Floor Designs

The kitchen is the heart of the home where the family gathers to share food passions, stories and creating memories. Stimulate this gathering ground by creating a warm, welcoming space. Here are some tips on floors options to consider.

1. Travertine Tiles
Travertine is a form of limestone that originates in groundwater and streams just below the earth’s surface. Travertine creates a fresh, modern and functional atmosphere while still feeling warm and welcoming. It is the kind of floor that will disguise crumbs and spills. Selecting a neutral and timeless design, gives you room to be more creative with the décor of your kitchen.

2. Hardwood Flooring
Wood floors creates that “cosy” feel and can take on lots of traffic without losing its lustre. The challenges of wooden floors is the exposure to sunlight, heat and humidity which can cause warping, leading to more wear and tear. The solution is to go for engineered flooring. Factory-Finished wood will stand up to moisture fluctuations better than any wood flooring that is finished on site.

3. Laminated Wood
A popular route to take with wooden floors are the laminated version, it is less expensive than the solid hardwood option. Laminated floors keeps the realistic wood-look, but is water-resistant, pet-proof, kid-friendly, mess-proof and suitable for high traffic zones.

4. Bamboo
For the environmentally conscious, modern and trendy homeowner, Bamboo offers a strong, sustainable alternative to traditional hardwood floors without the high price tag. Bamboo is resilient and can take a greater impact than most hardwoods without denting. This attractive alternative is durable, moisture and insect resistant, and can handle high traffic.

5. Tiles
Before selecting your tile, you need to know that the tile can withstand the traffic without wearing out. Tiles have a wear resistance or PEI (porcelain enamel institute) rating which is an international standard that measures the degree to which a tile’s surface will withstand wear. For kitchen tiles, the rating should be PEI3 or PEI4. Another concern in selecting a tile for the kitchen is to ensure it is slip resistant tile which has a matt finish. Tiles come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. If the room you are tiling is very small, then it may not look good with large dark 500×500 tiles as this will just make the room appear even smaller. However, large tiles would work very well in a wide, open space. When choosing colour you need to consider fixtures and fittings and the wall colour of the room.

There are endless possibilities when selecting what type of flooring you should opt for. Consider the above, and do your own research to discover what the best flooring option for your kitchen is.

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By Roelf Nel

Kitchen False Ceiling Designs

One way to change the look of your kitchen is to change the ceiling from white and flat, to something that gives your kitchen character. Get inspired and look at suspended ceilings, false ceilings, wooden, or metal ceilings. The ideal kitchen ceiling is easy to clean and allows for simple installation of new lighting fixtures, ventilation or air conditioning systems.

  • Metal Ceilings designs are aluminium ceiling panels and tiles creating a fresh stylish kitchen. This is ideal if you want to make the room feel larger. The aluminium ceilings are fireproof, moisture-proof and mold-proof which makes them perfect for the kitchen.
  • Plasterboard and gypsum board are popular materials for the construction of false ceilings. This material is light weight, fireproof and flexible, which makes it ideal for the kitchen.
  • Wooden ceilings work well in keeping with a traditional type kitchen, or farm house effect. The wooden roof creates a warm feeling in the room

Enhance your ceiling design by adding LED lights. Have suspended light fittings by the island. Pictures are worth a thousand words, visit our Pinterest Board and unleash your creativity and design your kitchen ceiling.

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By Roelf Nel

Kitchen Design Trends

The kitchen is considered the heart and soul of the house. The 2015 trend has seen the traditional kitchen transformed into a luxury, creative space.

Brass has made a comeback creating an elegant space with this shiny metal. Luxury metals including brass, copper and gold can be featured from the hood, backsplashes to taps and cabinet handles. If brass is too shiny for your liking, try copper.

Open plan kitchens has been a favourite design for a while now. The new trend is to have minimal walls cabinets to enhance the room’s sense of spaciousness. Creating an airy, bulk-free look allows you to focus on other design elements such as large windows and glass doors bringing in natural light and connecting the outdoors.

Going with the airy feel, open shelving offers a practical solution for the kitchen space. Your space is personalized, making it feel lived in and warm, yet functional at the same time.

Ceilings are moving away from being functional and adding to the rooms beauty. The trend is to draw your attention up, using lighting, bulkheads, coffer ceilings, beams and windows.

Spice up your kitchen design using bold, rich colours like crimson red, royal blue, mustard yellow. Use these bold colours with contrasting shades to get that aesthetic look.

How will you design your kitchen?

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Kitchen splashback design ideas
Kitchen Floor Designs
Kitchen False Ceiling Designs
Kitchen Design Trends