By Roelf Nel

How to design the Laundry room

If you have a dedicated room available or you plan on adding on a laundry room, here are some steps to help you with the design of this space.

  • Consider the layout and allocation of this space.
  • Keep the room size or space in proportion to the rest of the home.
  • You want a space where it is easy to get laundry into and out of the washing machine and tumble dryer, and have easy access to a drying area.
  • Ideally the space should be away from areas where the noise will be bothersome.
  • Having a laundry area in the entrance hall or a passage is not very practical.
  • When you layout the laundry room, consider all the activities to create an efficient layout allowing for an area to sort out the laundry and storage. This will guide you on where to place your appliances.
  • If you are replacing your old appliances, then should you go with a top loader or front loader? The front loader allows for stacking if space is limited, in addition the top surface can be used as a work surface.
  • It is also important to remember that appliances are not all the same size. Design your space so that when you need to replace your appliance, it will still fit in the space allocated.
  • You can also consider building cabinets to fit your washer and dryer with tops to allow for surfaces to sort out washing and storage.
  • Arrange the plumbing so that there is access to cold and/or hot water, and a water outlet. For the tumble dry there needs to be sufficient space for air extraction.
  • Having a sink in the laundry room helps if you have the space for this. The sink is perfect for those heavily soiled items that need soaking, or a place to pot your plants.  Consider if you need a deep sink for filling up buckets?  Is your laundry room close enough to another sink in the kitchen or bathroom? Could these sinks work instead, then you could have more room for shelving.

Be creative and not only plan an efficient space, but a happy space for this daily chore.

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By Roelf Nel

Design with High Ceilings

Research suggests that tall rooms excite the brain and encourage people to explore space, and is linked with a sense of freedom. High ceilings enhance our creativity. You can read more here.

Yet the question remains, how do you design a space with high ceilings to create a flow in the room rather than having a disjointed feeling wasting the space above eye level?

  1. Take advantage of having a fire place. Creating a fireplace wall draws attention to this area of the room and emphasizes the architecture.
  2. Add in small windows just under the ceiling. The sunlight will flow in warming up the room, but also highlights that the ceilings are higher the usual.
  3. Install ceiling to floor windows. These massive windows create a dramatic effect. One caution though, rather use ceiling to floor curtaining, than adding a rail midway, which will separate the room and take away from the dramatic effect.
  4. Use eye-catching material such as wood or stone in your wall design to emphasis the high ceilings.
  5. High ceilings offers the fabulous opportunity to create a luxurious and glamorous look by having low hanging chandeliers.
  6. Transforms one of the walls into a floor to ceiling library.

Enhance your creativity and sense of freedom and consider designing a home with high ceilings, especially in the living room.

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By Roelf Nel

Inspiring Floor Designs

Are you looking for an inspiring floor design for your new home, or you are wanting to replace your old floors? Painted floors offers a creative alternative to explore. Give your older wooden floors new life with a coat of paint and add zest using a stencil creating beautiful design elements.

When your home is in need of a brightness boost, painting the floors white will add the freshness you desire. The white floors add a contemporary flair transforming the room instantly. Contrast the white floors with a featured colour wall using textured paint or wallpaper.

Create a sophisticated and timeless feel by painting black and white checkerboards on the floor. If uniformity is the look you’re after, walls and floors painted in a similar tone offers this tranquil flow, while contrasting colours sparks an interest. Add style and freshness to a room with a solid colour. Pale sky blue or a cheerful spring green will transform any space. For the creative enthusiast try out an extravagant flooring technique – Decoupage. Transform your wooden floors into beautiful faux rugs with bright fun colours.

Painted floors is not for everyone, or every type of home. You may get a pang of guilt at the idea of painting your wooden floors. If you need to replace your wooden floors, this is a less expensive and creative option to consider.

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By Roelf Nel

Concrete design countertops

When considering counter-tops that are highly customizable, then the versatility and design of concrete is a good choice. Concrete tops create a simple clean look that is not formal. Whether you want a more traditional style or sleek, polished surfaces, then concrete tops offers you a range of options to choose from.

You don’t have to settle for the popular stony gray look. Concrete tops can be made in virtually any colour. A white concrete counter-top provides a crisp, clean look that is appreciated by many home owners. If you would prefer a more traditional look, then brown is a good option. Brown concrete creates a similar look to natural stone, bringing warmth to your home. Concrete offers limitless colour possibilities. If you are wanting to add drama to your home through colour and design, concrete can help you achieve this.

Concrete is a natural material which is porous and needs to be sealed to prevent staining. Ask your contractor if the sealant they use will discolour the surface. Concrete counter-tops offer minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners is recommended, and periodic waxing if you have opted for a polished finish.

Benefits of Concrete Countertops
• Concrete counters can be designed to fit your space.
• It is available in a wide variety of colours to match you palette.
• It provides a textured, soft natural feel to counters.
• Properly sealed and maintained concrete tops will wear well for years and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Problems of Concrete Countertops
• This porous material will stain if not sealed properly.
• They develop minor hairline cracks which are non-structural because of the natural shrinkage of the material.
• It’s hard to control concrete’s natural variation in colour and texture.

If you are looking to design with an eco-friendly material that is durable, and will last a lifetime, consider using concrete for your counter-tops.


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By Roelf Nel

Add the Marsala design touch to your home

Marsala is the 2015 Pantone Colour of the Year. This colour is warm, rich, natural and pleasant. It is the perfect shade for natural interior decorating colour schemes. The modern colour is inspired by pomegranate, rich, deep and soft pastels of plum juices, red wines and autumn leaves.

The reddish wine colour hues can create dramatic accents and add a peaceful look to modern interior decorating. This colour can transform interior design and bring coziness into your room decorating. The Marsala colour combinations can include bright rooms colours, cold colour tones, warm colour shades, pastels and neutral colours, and look attractive and inviting.

How can you introduce Marsala into your home?

  • The sharp contrast in Marsala colour walls again white paint trimmings offers a fabulous finish. From creamy shades, vanilla and pearl to pale gray colour tones, these colour combinations feel warm and stylish with the Marsala colour. Black and white decorating ideas, gray and pale beige can be mixed with the modern colour for schemes that are contrasting, dynamic and harmonious.
  • Create a retro feel in the kitchen featuring a Marsala coloured stove or Marsala coloured drawers with a white or stainless steel contrast. For a cottage styled feel paint a featured wall with Marsala colour.
  • Create an elegant and sophisticated feel in your living room boasting modern marsala coloured couch set against a neutral background.
  • In a small space like a guest bathroom, create the contrast with white porcelain against a Marsala backdrop creating a rich luminous feel yet cozy as well.

The options are endless. This modern colour inspired by sunsets and elegant roses, is elegant, sophisticated creating a modern home with impressive finishing’s. Sip on a glass of red wine, and get inspired by the rich colour.

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